Which is Better- Job or Personal Business?

Job or personal businessIf you are facing this dilemma, do not feel that you are alone in this. Literally, and I mean it, there are thousands of others who are stuck just like you. They too are unable decide which path to choose and that’s just fine. Life is all about making choices and getting through.while some decisions are good, some are later trued to reverse. But, when it comes to working, people don’t really wish to make a mistake since it is a matter of time and money.

Thus, read ahead to first find out the benefits of a personal business: This means that you invest and either join your family business or go ahead with a start-up. Though it is risky, it is preferred by many for several reasons.

1) Freedom is the key in personal business. This means that you do not need to work under anyone else and you are able to exercise your own control. You can make decisions on your own and act according to your free will. Though your partner, in case of a partnership, may try to control you, a sole ownership sees no such restrictions.

2) You do not need to share your profits. All that you earn is totally yours. However, this also means that in case of a loss, all the burden falls on only your shoulders and you are answerable to the share holders and investors of your company.

3) You may need to be present at work at any time. This means that any situation can come up any time and you need to be prepared to handle it well. You cannot give up in times of trouble.

On the other hand, a job also has several benefits. It too has its pros and cons but definitely the pros seem to lure more than half of the world’s population.

1) There is job security. Thus means that you are bound to be paid your salary at the end of the month. Thus salary is totally fixed. However, in case of a personal business, your earning may fluctuate depending on your profits and losses.

2) You are not liable to pay a penny in case the company incurs a loss. This means that you are totally safe and no one can touch your personal bank account. It is the responsibility of the company’s owner and stakeholders to look into the matter and not yours. However, in case the company loses ground, you may have to leave your job and get some other work to eventually support yourself. And, getting a job is not an easy task. The unemployment rate of India clearly shows that.

3) You do not need to do extra work. You are already assigned tasks and deadlines and you need ti meet them. That’s it! You do your work well and on time and get your raises appropriately. It is hassle-free and demands you to be on point all the time.


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