How Do I Validate My Tax ID Number When I Move?

verify tax ID numberTo ensure that your small business continues to thrive, it may be necessary to expand into new markets. However, if you are going to move your headquarters across state lines, then there is some paperwork involved in the process. First and foremost, it’s crucial that you make sure your Federal EIN number is still valid. Let’s go over the process involved.

Changing Your Address with the IRS

For the most part, all you will have to do to validate your EIN after moving is to submit a change of address form with the IRS. This process is very straightforward, although it could take up to four to six weeks to process fully.

There are also a few times when you will need to apply for a brand new Tax ID. Those circumstances are as follows.

  • If a sole proprietorship decides to incorporate or start hiring employees, it will need to obtain an Employer ID Number (EIN).
  • As a corporation, if you merge with another company, become a subsidiary of another corporation, or change your tax status, then you will need a new ID number.
  • If a partnership dissolves (i.e., if a partner leaves) or decides to incorporate.
  • For estates, if money is used to form a trust, it will need a new Tax ID number. Also, if it becomes a business after the owner’s death.
  • A Trust Tax ID number must be changed if the parameters of the trust are altered, or it is turned into an estate.

Obtaining a Federal Tax ID

Fortunately, whether you need to change addresses or file for a new number, you can take care of all of the paperwork online. Obtaining a new ID shouldn’t take more than a day or so, making the process even more streamlined and convenient.

Overall, we recommend consulting with a lawyer before moving your business across state lines, as you will want to review all of your options before you commit to anything. This way you will guarantee success and won’t risk putting your company in jeopardy by doing the wrong thing.

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