Use an Ounce of Insurance Prevention

We all buy insurance with the hope we’ll never need it: life, vehicle, and home insurance are the standards but often we add insurance to our mortgage and credit cards. We also buy insurance in the form of extended warranties for our appliances and electronics so we can afford to repair or replace them if they’re damaged or lost.

Insurance is a necessity of life but like many other necessities it can be a tedious procedure if you have to make a claim. If the problem involves an appliance or electronic item there are other steps you can take before starting the insurance or warranty claim procedure:

The old saying says an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that holds true for electronics and appliances. Once you get your new product home do some quick research and see if there are any accessories designed to prolong the life of your new purchase.

A good example of this is cell phones. Your phone can be a big purchase item and if you’re like most of us you’ve done a drop-and-damage or two in the past. Lifeproof is a company dedicated to protecting your phone and other electronics from the perils of life, and a stylish protective cover will probably save your phone more than once during the time you own it. If you like the products you can use a Lifeproof coupon to save on your purchase.

Likewise, most home electronics and appliances will last longer with the proper care. Do a quick read through of the owner’s manual so you know how to take care of it properly. TV screens can be scratched or damaged by improper cleaning; water heaters should be drained and flushed once a year. These types of basic maintenance knowledge can keep your purchases in top shape for years.

If you do have an issue your first step should be to check the owner’s manual. You’ll usually find a “troubleshooting” section towards the back of the manual which outlines simple solutions to common problems.

If you can find a simple answer look for the customer service phone number in the front or back cover of the manual. This will get you connected with a customer service rep who will direct your call to a service person or will give you instructions pertaining to making a claim on your warranty.

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