Truebill Review- Stop Subscription Services form Emptying your Wallet


Truebill is a San Francisco based fintech firm that allows a user to find, track and manage their subscription services and recurring bills. It was founded in the year 2016 by Idris Mokhtarzada and Yahya Mokhtarzada. Plus, it has also received a total funding amount of 6.9 million. The motto of this firm is to save money and time for its users and contribute to their financial health.

Features of Truebill App

1. Helps you manage your subscriptions

It is very common for people to provide their credit card information to subscription-based services. Particularly, in the trial period. But as the trial ends, these companies charge you a few dollars each month. Sometimes you might forget about them. Especially, if you have a busy schedule and don’t have the time to read each line on the credit card statement. Truebill streamlines all the services you have subscribed to and notifies your every month before the billing date.

2. Lower your monthly expenses

Have you ever tried negotiating with your cable TV services or cell phone company? If you have, you must know how difficult it to, first, get a hold of the right people and then convince them to give you a discount. Truebil negotiates with cable services, cell phone companies, and other such companies to get you the best price in the town. 

3. Visual representation of your expenses

I have tried those cheap money management apps you find on the Google Play Store. None of them are foolproof. No app has ever delivered what it promised to. Truebill’s dashboard is quite simple and straightforward. First, you have a bar chart showing your monthly expenses of the current and last five months’ expenses. And them two columns showing your spendings and earnings of selected months.

What I like about Truebill App

I am pleased with the way Truebill gathers all the information without me having to enter anything manually(like, I don’t have to make an entry every time I spend). All I have to do is install the app on my phone and enter the credit card details. The app does everything else on its own.

What I don’t like about Truebill App

Truebill only displays the billing information of the previous months. It won’t tell you the amount you have to pay for using a particular service(like cable TV) this month. This is one downside of the Truebill app. However, I have faced this issue only with the billing information section.

My recommendation

I recommend Trubill app to anyone tired of using the cheap money management apps which ask you to manually insert your expenses. This app does a great job without you having to make any effort.


The basic version of this app is completely free. However, they have several in-app purchases ranging from $2 to $35 per month.

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