Tips On Getting More Money With Your Personal Injury Claim

Car expensesAre you wondering how to get the most money for your personal injury claim? Filing for an injury claim is certainly challenging but with an experienced attorney like Groth Law Firm to help you, there should not be any difficulties. A professional law firm can actually help you get the most out of your injury settlement. Here are five points to consider when opting for such a settlement to get the compensation you deserve.

Record Everything That Happened During The Accident

You need to make sure you have everything down on paper to prove your injury settlement claim. This includes all the details of the accident like what happened, who was the other driver, witnesses and any other information that you can recollect from the incident. It’s quite possible that you’ll forget about the ‘important little things’ with each passing day, so it helps if you have a record of the details that you can show to the insurance company and to your attorney. Also, mention how you were affected by the accident, what injuries you experienced and how has the accident influenced you. Mention any person you informed at the scene, all witnesses, details of any faulty equipment causing the accident or that harmed you along with its manufacturer and serial number.

Tell Your Healthcare Expert About Your Condition

While filing a personal injury claim may not sound stress-free, it sure gets easier if you have the support of your doctor and lawyer. Tell your doctor about your injury ensuring that you do not miss anything. Explain clearly how you feel, where it hurts or if you are unable to sleep or move a limb with ease. The doctor’s notes will play a key role and serve as a substantial evidence for the other driver’s insurance firm or the court to evaluate your claim. These will also help if the doctor has to testify on your behalf and prescribe the best treatment plan for you.

Keep A Personal Journal Of Your Injury

Aside from the doctor’s notes, your documented records of the accident and medical bills or any incurred losses, it is a good idea to maintain a personal journal highlighting the pain, discomfort, and stress you’ve felt throughout the process. The person responsible has in fact influenced your ability to enjoy your everyday life and function properly due to personal injury. All these feelings and emotions, the physical pain and suffering that you have encountered should be highlighted in detail. You would also want to maintain a daily record of any headaches, discomfort, insomnia, medications, pain suffered, and stress experienced amongst other things related to your rehabilitation. This will come handy when you are asked to describe how the injury affected your life a few months later.

Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

Make sure you follow the doctor’s orders and diligently obey the instructions for your treatment. If the insurance company finds out you have been avoiding a medicine or exhibiting slackness, it can negatively affect your claim, minimizing the other driver’s liability.

Be Patient

Understand that an insurance claim for personal injury can last from a few months to a year or more, so you need to be patient and placid. Work with your attorney to prepare your documents and records, follow up on the claim with the insurance firm and maintain a good relationship with your doctor for the desired results.


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