The Timing of Your Marketing Emails


As we all know, email marketing is one of the most crucial tools of digital marketing, and if properly tailored, the returns are astronomical. But, if there s anything that necessarily affects the returns, it has to be the timing – when do you send the mail to the users. To be honest, even though email marketing is such an importance marketing strategy, the click through rate is as low as 2 percent for some businesses. The only way to improve this rate and the returns on investments is by scheduling when to send out a mail, and how often.
Mostly, people don’t like to receive promotional mails unless they have themselves signed up those newsletters. If the mail doesn’t grab their attention in the first, or does not contain anything useful to them, the mail goes straight into the trash bin. If there is one factor that can improve the situation for you, it has to be the timing.

Instead of bombarding your customers with mails is going to do you no good, in fact you will end up losing your subscribers. Too many emails can be irritating. While experts constantly tell you to interact more with your customers, how many mails to send is a tough decision to make. How often is too often? There are reports that suggest that 61 percent of users prefer one mail per month, on the least. While 15 percent don’t mind daily mails, 91 percent of the user have no problems with promotional mails, as long these mails are well tailored and well targeted.

So, we bring to you some factors that you may want to consider before you settle for one mail per week schedule. Read along:

(1) You need to study your industry and competitive businesses, and see how many mails they are sending are month. After you check their number, you need to check their return on investment, and shape your marketing campaign in that manner. Your strategy should comply with your goals.

(2) What are you offering to your customers? For example, if you are selling ice cream, you’ll be sending out more mails in summers than in winters.

(3) You need to be very clear about what you are trying to do – whether you want your customers to fill out a form, or buy the latest product that you have launched or if you are trying to make them watch an ad.


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