How to Get Started With a Recruitment Agency


If you are out hunting for a job, then I know how scary and stressful it can get. Recruitment agencies make your job hunting easier in the sense that they know who to connect you with. The general process of getting started with a recruitment agency stays the same, even if some things may differ from agency to agency.

Here’s how to get started with a recruitment agency:

1. Submit Your CV

Like a job posting, you will need to submit your CV first. Your CV is what lets the agency know what roles you will be suitable for and if they have an opportunity for you. 

Most recruitment agencies will also have guidelines on how to create a good CV if you need help. Some agencies will even offer free CV review, which can be of great help in learning whether your CV is up to par with the current times.

2. Interview With the Agency

Like a job, even recruitment agencies conduct interviews. Their reputation is on the line as well when it comes to matching the right candidate with the right company. This is why they have a screening process, as well.

They also prepare you for your real interview with your potential employers. Treat it as you would treat your job interview because this can be a great mock interview practice for you. It will help you build confidence and also be prepared to answer questions.

While this isn’t an interview for getting a job, it is still crucial in the process. Because, if the recruitment agency thinks you are a valuable candidate, they will try to hook you up with a great employer and will take more effort into you getting a job. Build a relationship with the recruiter so that you stay on the top of their lists for every job opportunity they have.

3. Interview With the Employer

After you have interviewed with the recruitment agency, you are basically done with your part in the process. Now, the agency will bring you are roles that they think suit you best and may set an interview with the potential employer.

If you have managed to impress the agency, then you might have many options lined up in a short period of time. Treat each one with equal importance and make sure to be prepared. Research each company and know the role requirements.

Once you are done with interviewing with potential employers, wait for your job letter. If you cracked the interview, the agency would normally be the one to contact you with the news. They also help with salary negotiations and such. If you do not crack the interview, then the good thing about having a middleman is that you can learn what didn’t work and get genuine answers. This will help you prepare better for the next opportunity that comes your way.

Final Thoughts

Getting started with a recruitment agency isn’t all that difficult. They are basically the middlemen between you and your potential employer. Once you are done with submitting your CV and interviewing with your agency, you are set with them. Don’t forget to follow-up from time to time if you are not getting any offers.