How to Become A Better Student Who Studies English Language

Word gameIndeed, it is a big challenge to learn a new language like English. But with regular practice, it is not impossible to do. Classes are essential as well as a disciplined practice. With interactive discussions, it can be fun.  Here are some of the methods that you can try to improve your comprehension and reading skills. In the long run, you can possibly become the best English student with this:

Study English Each Day

It takes time to learn a new language. According to experts, it will take around 300 hours. Rather than cramming for a few hours of a review once or twice a week, it is best to have regular short study sessions. Study for at least 30 mins each day to improve your English skills.  This is how they do it in order to teach english in russia.

Mix Things Up

Instead of focusing on one task every study sessions, you can try to mix things up. Start with grammar and you can do a short exercise. Then, you can read an article with regards to the same topic. Do not overdo these things. You can spend 20 minutes on each exercise. The variation will make studying fun and keep you engaged with the topic.

Read, Listen, and Watch

To help you improve your verbal and written comprehension skills, you can watch the movies. Read any material like books, magazines, and newspapers. Listen to music or any podcast. With this, you can absorb the pronunciation, accent, speech pattern, and grammar. This phenomenon is known as indirect learning.

Have with you your pen and paper to write down the words that you hear or read for the first time. Then, research on the meaning of these words. On your next class, use the words so you can remember it in the long run.

Learn the Sounds of the Words

Non-native speakers struggle with the pronunciation of words because they don’t have that same sound in their native language. Two words can be spelled similarly but their pronunciations are different. Thus, familiarize yourself with these words and consult the teachers when in doubt.

Be Alert on the Homophones

Homophones are words that you can pronounce in the same way. However, they have different meanings and they are spelled differently.

In the English language, there can be various homophones. This is the reason why many students are challenged with learning the language.

Practice with the Prepositions

Advanced English students have struggled when it comes to learning the propositions. These are used for direction, duration, position, and relationship between the objects.

In the English language, there are dozens of propositions. To memorize them, use them in a sentence.

Play Word Games

Improve your vocabulary skills by playing games similar to how they do it to teach english in russia. You can play scrabble or crossword puzzle with your friends. Write down the words and review the verbs in the past tense. Don’t hesitate to consult the reference materials if you have questions. With this exercise, you will be prepared for the next class. You can review vocabulary and its usage.