The 5 Best Budget-Friendly Winter Snacks

On a cold winter night, most people crave healthy and tasty food that will keep them full until the wee hours. Also, during winters there is a huge demand for food that produces a tummy-warming effect that stays for a long time. We all know that winter is the best season for soups. They are cheap, healthy, and easy-to-prepare. This post is intended to share with you similar budget-friendly winter snacks. You can prepare them at home or get them from the nearest store.

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Here Are the 5 Best Budget-Friendly Snacks

1) Dried Fruit and Nuts

Dried Fruit is a regular fruit with the entire water content removed by either “sun drying” or processing. People have been consuming dried fruit since prehistoric times. Even during, Mesopotamia dried fruits were consumed as they promote health and general well-being during winters. In addition, nuts like almond, peanuts, apricot, and hazelnut can also be had as a snack during winters.

2) Bacon

Another food that makes a perfect morning snack during winters is Bacon. However, as you would already know Bacon is an animal product and is more suitable for people staying in the western part of the world. Is bacon cheap? According to a report by Statista, in 2018, a pound of sliced bacon retailed for around $ 5.5. Although, its price fluctuates.  

3) Steak Pie

Steak Pie is another traditional British food. They can easily be prepared at home for under $10. All you need is minced beef and some wheat flour. Steak pies are available all over the world including countries like Australia, New Zealand, and in Irish parts of America. In a regular restaurant or a dinner, you can order a gourmet steak pie for less than $20. It is one of the best budget foods for the winter.

4) Potato Chips

Potato chips are very popular in the Northern parts of England. They go really well with Fish. However, you can prepare potato chips easily at home. They are one of the most affordable foods you can have during winters. 

According to Statista, white potatoes cost $ 0.78 per pound in 2019. You can also buy them from a store. But it will cost you a bit more. Also, homemade potato chips are a lot healthier as they do not contain preservatives or low-quality ingredients.

5) Pretzels

Pretzel is a German bakery product popular in the United States. This salty snack is also laced with cheese, chocolate, cinnamon, and nuts. Its long shelf life is what makes it one of the most affordable foods for the winter. A 30 Oz bag of pretzels will cost you around $15. It is available in several shapes and forms. Hard rings and rods are two popular and preferred shapes.


These are the 5 best affordable winter snacks. Most of the ingredients needed to prepare the above-mentioned snacks are available for cheap in the nearest grocery store. You can buy the ready-to-eat items if time is of the essence.