Finding a Roommate at RoomMatch Saves You Money


Sharing a living space with somebody inevitably slashes most of your expenses into half. Besides sharing the rent, you can also save money in buying furniture, utilities, and even groceries. The economic perks are probably the most important reason why people prefer to live with a roommate rather than alone. 

However, as rewarding as it sounds, finding the right roommate is not as easy. You have to assess your compatibility with a stranger without even knowing them properly. Moreover, you have no way of finding out about their real personality until after you move in with them. 

This is where RoomMatch comes to the rescue!

Find the Perfect Match and Share the Costs

Like most dating websites, RoomMatch gives you complete details about an individual. This includes their name, photo, sex, age, profession, sexuality, and more. In addition to this, you can match with a person and strike up a conversation on the platform’s secure messaging system. 

This way, it is easy to find a like-minded individual. You can match with somebody who has the same or similar budget inclinations like yours. Besides, you can further discuss the financial arrangement before moving in. You should take this opportunity to discuss financial benefits. One often looked over financial benefit is furniture they could be brining. If you’re willing to live with a couch you didn’t pick out, that can be a decent chunk of change to save. 

Match-up Quiz and Preferences 

Another cool feature at RoomMatch is the match-up quiz. When you are deciding to live with somebody, it is important to know your compatibility with that person. The match-up quiz feature at RoomMatch lets you decide the level of computability. 

There are multiple questions related to lifestyle, political views, religious orientation, fandoms, and more. You can find the answers to these questions on others’ profiles and assess their personality accordingly. 

On the whole, these match-up quizzes give you an idea of an individual’s preferences. Therefore, you will not be moving in with a stranger. Besides, you will also get to know his or her financial behavior and choose someone who aligns with your behavior. One of their statement that you answer by selecting vary levels of agree is, “It’s okay for my roommates to use my things”. This allows you to see if they are likely to be in the kitchen eating your groceries regularly.

Free of Cost and Secure 

When you are deciding as important as choosing the person you will live with, there should be no compromises. At RoomMatch, you can meet and talk with prospective roommates for no cost at all. 

In addition to giving you a free messaging portal, the platform maintains complete privacy. It is a secure forum for texting strangers with whom you would not like to share your contact. Therefore, you can find and communicate with as many individuals as you want until you find the perfect one. 

Saving Money & Moving in

At the end of the day, we all know how much we can save by sharing a room with somebody. Right from the rent to the furnishing and day-to-day costs, the scope for living is high. 

RoomMatch is a unique, interesting, and free platform to find the ideal roommate. If you need someone to share your expenses, then RoomMatch is the best solution out there.