Survey Voices Review- All Survey Platforms in One Place

Are you confused or overwhelmed by the number of survey websites out there?

We all know that Survey Junkey and SwakBuck are two of the biggest survey websites on the internet but there are hundreds of other similar sites offering some decent rewards for your efforts. How how do you know which ones are legit and who to avoid?

Survey Voices is a third-party platform that points you to survey websites that are tried and tested by thousands of other people. It helps you save time and effort by recommending you the survey websites that pay the most money. This is why it is so important for someone trying to make money online.  

About the Creator of Survey Voices

Survey Voices is a part of a market research firm known as FlashRewards. This company was founded in the year 2011 by Matthew Conlin, although previously the company was known as RewardZoneUSA. As I already mentioned in the previous section, Survey Voices is a platform designed to attract the users who wish to make money by filling up survey forms but are unsure about whom to trust. 

How Does Survey Voices Work?

The reason why Survey Voices asks you detailed questions about yourself is so they can send you the surveys suitable for your demographic. Market research companies do not want a random person to fill up a survey form. They want someone who fits their buyer’s profile. 

For instance, an eCommerce store based in New York would want information about the people staying in that particular state only. Someone from Vancouver will not be eligible for the survey.

Furthermore, upon completion of the questionnaire, they will begin sending you tons of Customized and Exclusive offers. It is unlikely that you will receive requests for more than one survey a day but you never know. If your profile suits their requirements, you can easily earn $300+ a month. Bear in mind, that they also send a lot of unneeded emails and texts (most of which are commercials), so only focus on what’s relevant.

What I Like About Survey Voices

The biggest benefit of signing up with Survey Voices instead of an individual survey website is that you only get the top paid survey offers. You don’t have to waste your time working with market research firms that offer you less than 50 cents per survey.

What I Don’t Like About Survey Voices

The service from Survey Voice is great but I am a little skeptical as to why they need personal information like a home address, phone number, and other minute details. Also, the fact that Survey Voices is a platform that points me to other survey websites is a bit puzzling. It will appear less dodgy if they had their own survey form-filling programs.

My Recommendation

I recommend Survey Voices to someone who is new to the world of making money online. Instead of experimenting with several survey platforms, get started today without wasting your precious time.


Signing up with Survey Voice is completely free. Just go to the sign-up page by clicking here and enter your personal information in the contact form.

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