Smart Ways To Save Big Bucks On Car Expenses

Car expensesFor many people, owning and using a car is a necessary part of everyday life. From getting to work and back, socializing, and even long-distance travel, having a car can make your life a lot easier and more efficient. However, car expenses can easily add up, and you might find yourself pinching pennies in order to pay for all its details. The good news is that there are plenty of tips and tricks that will help you save on your auto.

Maintenance. Making sure that your vehicle is properly maintained will save you money, both in terms of not needing spot repairs or long term part replacements. Every 3,000 miles change the oil and the oil filter, or even sooner if your cars onboard system tells you too. This will help keep the engine healthy and extend its life. Keep an eye on your air filter on a monthly basis and clean it regularly. This will mean you get more miles from your gasoline.

Another way to get more miles is to maintain the correct pressures in your tyres. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and keep them inflated, especially before and after a long trip. Once a year get your tires balanced so that you are driving on a level surface.

Book your car in for a service, either on a yearly basis or at a certain number of miles. This is relevant even if your car is brand new. Make sure they check the coolant, automatic transmission fluid, and brake and clutch fluid levels.

Driving. Pick self-serve gas stations whenever you can, as the fill up prices will be lower than self service. Don’t go for premium fuels if you don’t specifically need them for your car, as these are more expensive and may not give you any additional benefits. When you fill up, don’t be tempted to “top up the tank” as you risk paying for gas that has spilled out of your tank.

If it’s possible, carpool on journeys especially long ones. You’ll save on gasoline as well as maintenance expenses on your vehicle. You may also be able to negotiate a discount on your insurance if you do end up with a lower annual mileage value.

When you’re driving, avoid harsh braking, accelerate gently and smoothly, and maintain a steady speed, especially when on the highway. These behaviors will all help you to make the most of your gasoline levels.

Plan your route carefully to avoid any unnecessary extra miles. This applies for both long journeys and short trips. If you need to run some errands, try to park in one place and walk between locations rather than lots of stopping and starting in your vehicle.

Avoid getting tickets for moving or speeding violations, especially if you have had many in the past. You should be able to receive a lower insurance cost if you have had a certain amount of time without any tickets.

Running a car can be expensive, but for many people it’s an essential part of life. Having SR22 insurance doesn’t have to restrict your vehicle usage, and there are plenty of ways to offset the increased costs with saving on other motor expenses.

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