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moving houseMoving is widely held to be one of the most stressful experiences you can go through, up there with divorce, redundancy and bereavement. It’s not hard to see why. The build up to a move involves a lot of complicated admin, whether you’re renting or buying, and even if you complete it all perfectly there’s a risk everything could fall through from no fault of your own. You may find a chain of buyers collapsing, meaning you lose the house you’re intending to move into as the owners find they themselves have nowhere to go. Searching for a flat to rent is even more impossible, as you compete with seemingly hundreds of other potential tenants in what feels like an indisputable landlord’s market.

It will come as a relief then that there are plenty of professionals who can help relieve the pressure, whether it’s on moving day, in the run up to it or as you settle into your new home.

Storage Facilities

Moving day is stressful enough at the best of times. One of the things that makes it most taxing is having to pack, organise, move and unpack your every possession avoiding breakages and ensuring everything ends up in the right place.

One way to make moving more manageable is to look into storage facilities. You can move some of your precious or breakable possessions into storage in the days or weeks before you move, and retrieve it at your leisure, meaning the there’s less riding on the day itself.

If you’re looking for cheap storage London has plenty of options for you.

Removal Firms

If you’re a single person moving from one room in a house share to a different house in the local area, you can probably handle the move yourself. If you have a friend with a car who’s willing to help out, so much the better!

For a move of any greater scope, it’s worth getting a professional moving company involved. While this costs money, the time saved is worth it on the day, as well as the knowledge that any breakages are both unlikely and covered by insurance should they happen.

Make sure you check online reviews and get quotes from different companies, but once you’ve found a good removal firm, the choice will repay the effort and money you invest.


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