When Should You Seek Legal Advice?

graphics-882726_640There are many different situations that can require you to seek out professional legal advice, in both your personal and professional lives. From financial to ownership matters, all sorts of events can occur which mean you need such advice to ensure you take the best action. It is best to be prepared in advance but sometimes these things come out of the blue. Here are the best times for seeking legal advice in your personal, family and business lives.


There are some individual legal problems for which you can receive free advice and help to sort out certain problems. For example, housing advice centres and the Citizens Advice Bureau should be your first port of call should you have issues surrounding housing, planning permission and various other small problems. They will advise you on whether it is worth finding a solicitor or refer you to further specialist help.

However, there are other instances when you should immediately seek out legal advice. Legal financial advice is a common option for those who have ended up in debt, being a victim of discrimination, whether in the workplace or elsewhere, and requiring representation due to criminal or mental health tribunal cases and inquests.

Whenever you begin to have a problem in any of these areas, it is best to seek professional legal advice as soon as possible. This should prevent such issues from escalating and ensure you are in the best position to deal with them.


You can get governmental legal aid to help with the costs of legal advice regarding certain family matters. This includes:

  • Protecting you and your child from abuse or harassment
  • Poor quality care you or a family member receive due to age, special needs and disabilities
  • A child at risk of being taken into care
  • Family mediation (separating or getting a divorce)

It will depend on your specific circumstances, but is worth looking at first to save some money. Parental disputes can quickly spiral out of control and become a lot more complex, so as soon as you and your partner have decided to split up it is essential you get legal advice. This will not only protect your best interests and assets but also ensure the legal process is a lot quicker and smoother.

Small Businesses

When forming a start-up or small business, it is important to take on board legal advice so that your new company meets all legal requirements and has appropriately protected itself. This could include finding help with copyright issues, employee contracts, finance and taxes. Anything that does not meet the legal standards can result in your business being fined or getting into trouble in the future, so sorting it out beforehand is best.

As soon as a case is made against your small business you should seek legal advice before taking any further action and potentially making the situation worse. There are lawyers and legal teams that deal with specific business sectors, so contacting one of these first is advisable.

Essentially, it is best to seek legal advice as soon as possible when an issue arises or plan ahead for potential problems.

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