How to Save on Your Summer Cooling Bill

summer-635247_640It’s just now getting spring-like, but when summer heats up, so can your summer cooling bill. In fact, increases in summer cooling costs have some people seeing red. But there are ways you can save on your summer cooling bill.

Open Windows

Once the outside temperatures start dropping for the evening, you may be able to let cooler air in. Open your windows, if you aren’t bothered by allergies, and let the hotter air in your house escape.

Install Exhaust Fans

When your house feels like an oven, one of the ways to combat it is to get rid of it altogether. Installing an exhaust fan can help. There are different sizes of exhaust fans available to further help in reducing cooling costs. Which or how many you buy depends partly on the size of your home. Check out the range of exhaust fans available to choose what is right for you.

Turn Thermostat Up

Have you considered turning up your thermostat a few degrees to save on cooling costs? If you work during the day and aren’t at home, you might want to adjust it even further. Once you get home, turn it down a bit, but wait until an hour before bedtime to adjust it to a comfortable level for sleeping.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is another item that can help you reduce your summer cooling bill. There are a variety of different price ranges and features, but at home improvement stores they start at around $30. Pre-setting your temperature changes allows you to set it and forget it. As a result, you are less like to forget to turn your thermostat up as you leave for work for the day, for example.

Use Ceiling Fans

Another good choice to help you save is to install a few ceiling fans around your residence. They come in a variety of styles, features and colors. Some even have remote controls for your convenience.

Close Blinds and Drapes

Many people love to let the light in during the warmer summer months. But the more you let the light in, the more heat it generates, raising your cooling costs. To help ease the strain on your budget, close your blinds and drapes. In addition, you could install black-out drapes or blinds which completely block the sun when they are closed, saving you from outrageous cooling costs.

Keep up with Maintenance

As with most things, regular maintenance of your home can also help you to keep cooling costs under control. Look over your home to see if you have gaps or leaks around door, windows, or outlets. Add caulking, insulation, and weather stripping as necessary. Doing just this one thing can save between 5% and 40% off your total cooling bill.

While we are talking about maintenance, when did you last change your filters? Dirty filters reduce air flow and increase your costs. Make sure you check yours regularly until you get a feel for a schedule. It’s worth 5% to 15% savings to check.

Even when the days get warmer it is possible to save on your summer cooling bill.

What changes have you made to help you save on summer cooling bills?

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