How to Save on Home Heating and Cooling Costs

campfire-1853835_640Some people might consider heating and air conditioning as luxuries, but the truth is that in this day and age they have become necessities. Imagine coming home from work to a sweltering house and trying to sleep comfortably that night with no air conditioning. It would be pretty difficult to get up and go back to your job the next day after a night of tossing and turning and very little rest due to the temperature of your home. Some people feel the cost of heating and cooling their home makes it unaffordable and so they suffer through those hot nights without the relief air conditioning might bring. But it is possible to save on home heating and cooling costs.

Adjust the Temperature

When it comes to heating costs, for each degree you turn your thermostat down you can save as much as 3% off your heating bill. To save on cooling costs, of course, you would need to turn your thermostat the other way. Making changes to these setting can make a difference that just might help you to make heating and cooling affordable. To help you even further, turn to New Edge Group commercial air conditioning Sydney. They offer a variety of services including installation of control systems that would allow you to program your thermostat so you no longer have to manually change the temperature several times a day. The savings might be worth the cost.


Check your home over to see if you are behind on repairs, such as leaks around windows or doors. Install weather stripping, caulking and insulation in areas that need it. Correcting problems like this can save you anywhere from 5% to 40% on heating and cooling costs for your home.

Another maintenance issue to address is furnace filters. You should change your furnace filters on a regular basis on your heating system. Do you have pets or a large home? If so, you may need to put a new filter in each month for maximum efficiency. If not, you may be ok changing it only every other month. Check yours regularly for a while to set up a schedule based on how fast the filter gets dirty and needs to be exchanged for a new one to save between 5% and 15% on your energy bill.

Duct cleaning is another area of maintenance sometimes overlooked by homeowners. New Age Group can help you out with this service as well. If you have pets or the previous owner of your home had pets it might be a good idea to get your duct work cleaned. There are additional reasons to clean your duct work, and while you may not notice a difference in your energy bills, you might notice it lowering your health care costs. Less dust, dirt, mold, and pet dander floating around in the air you breathe could mean a lower risk of allergies and sinus problems reducing the amount of medication you take and the number of doctor visits.

As you can see, there are ways to save on home heating and cooling costs to make it more affordable to you. So, stop suffering and get yourself some relief for those unbearable hot nights.

Can you think of other ways to save on home heating and cooling costs?

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