Finding Your Purpose and Using Your Gifts

How to find your purpose in life

Have you found your purpose in life? It can be difficult to figure out what your path is, but once you do, it can help you feel so much more fulfilled.

The truth is, none of the three of us have all the answers. We’re still working on using our gifts and figuring out our purposes too. Plus, your purpose might change over time, making it even more difficult to pursue.

This week on the podcast, we’re discussing things we are doing to try and figure out our purpose and what we think it might be at this point in our lives.

Read on to find out more about how to find your purpose.

How to Find Your Purpose

Since we’re all still in our 20’s, we’re still working on finding our purposes and the best ways to use our gifts. But, what we’ve discovered so far is that finding your true purpose takes time and quite a bit of self-reflection. There are several things that go into it, a few of which we’ve already discussed this season and last season, such as:

It’s not as if you’ll wake up one day and be able to exclaim, “This is my purpose!”. Plus, you may even find that what you once thought was your path in life is no longer fulfilling to you. Thus, your path and purpose may change over time.

It’s pretty rare that people discover their path in life at a young age, and sadly, some people never discover their purpose. Even after “growing up” and entering into the “real world” after college, many young adults still don’t know how to use their gifts or what their purpose is in life. This could be part of the reason why so many young adults change jobs and move locations several times in pursuit of happiness and finding their life’s purpose.

Of course we all want our live to have meaning and provide value for the other humans on the planet, but sometimes finding your purpose isn’t as cut-and-dried as all that. Sometimes “finding your purpose” may mean nothing other than finding a job you mostly enjoy and don’t suck at. #thetruthhurts But that doesn’t mean you should stop looking for ways to use your talents and gifts.

Why It’s Important to Find Your Purpose

We know it sounds cliche, but finding your purpose is important for so many reasons. It can help you live a fulfilling life free of the pressures of society and keeping up with others. It can lead to greater happiness for you and those around you. And, finding your purpose can help you attract work and other opportunities that don’t make you feel suffocated.

How to find your purpose in life

In this episode we discuss:

  • 1:45 – What are your thoughts on your purpose? How can you use your gifts to find your path?
  • 4:45 – The “quarter life crisis”
  • 10:00 – Trying new creative outlets to find your life’s path
  • 11:30 – What has helped you find your purpose so far?
  • 22:00 – Chonce’s story of helping people
  • 29:15 – Asking people to weigh in on your gifts and talents
  • 30:15 – Your career doesn’t have to be the way you use your gifts

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