How to Prepare for Your Second Interview

Second interviewEarning yourself a second interview is a big deal – this clearly shows that the company is interested in you. But, you don’t let this small win distract you from your actual goal of actually securing the job. You have surpassed many challenging rounds to get here. With a little more efforts, you can nail the second interview and score the position. Here are some tips that will help you with your interview:

  • It is important for you to understand the difference between both the interviews. The first interview determined three main things about you: your personality and individuality, whether are fit for this job and profile, and how badly you want this job. The second interview is going to involve some senior professionals from the company who would almost ask the same or similar questions, but this time they will be comparing you with other shortlisted candidates, and select the best.


  • It is important for you to convey your enthusiasms to your interviewers – how exciting the company appears to be, how you like the office space and office environment, how you feel about their projects, products and achievements. The key is to make them feel comfortable around you. If you do it right, the interviewers may loosen up a bit, and share some valuable insights about the company.


  • You have to sell your skillsets in the most unique way. How does your current job or even previous experiences helped you gain expertise and skills that make you their best choice among all the other candidates? Why should we hire you, what is in for us – is the question you need to prepare for keeping in mind all of your previous experiences.


  • It is always best, to give suitable examples when you mention a quality or characteristic to them – specific behavioral stories. You can work this up very easily. Draw a two column table, list all your hard and soft skills, and write down work-relate accomplishments and examples to support those skills.


  • Be prepared for the most important question of the interview – “Do you have any questions for us?”
    Now this is your chance to appear smart, observant and gives to a chance to prove your value for the company. Make sure your questions are simple and short. Don’t ask questions that make them uncomfortable – something outside of work, anything personal, anything regarding salary, compensation and benefits. A wrong impression throws a negative impression of you as a potential employee.

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