MyPoints App Review- Earn Money the Easy Way

In 2020, there are several ways to make money online. All you need is a smartphone and a good internet connection. If you have researched even a little bit about ways to make money online, you will know that most market research or advertisement firms offer a few bucks to customers who are willing to provide their honest feedback. 

Feedback can be supplied via survey forms, information about data usage on your phone, watching videos online, etc. Instead of installing a separate app for each of them, it would be really convenient if all the money-making programs come in a single app. This is exactly what the MyPoints app does.

About the Creator of Mypoints App

MyPoints has been around for more than two decades. This San Francisco-based online shopping rewards firm was founded by Dan Kihanya and Noah Doyle. Before the internet era, MyPoints was popular among people who did their shopping in the traditional way. Until now, 9 million members have profited by using their services. With all the new features coming in, 2020 is the best year to get the best out of MyPoints. 

How Does the Mypoints App Work?

As I already said, there is more than one way to earn gift cards or PayPal money from the MyPoints. Signing up with MyPoints is easy and hassle-free. Just provide your basic information like name, phone number, and city; and you are good to go. Immediately after signing up, you get a free $10 discount coupon as a welcome bonus. You can choose from an Amazon gift card or a Visa gift card.

You can make money by watching videos, reading emails, reading information-packed articles, playing games, shopping, filling up online survey forms, sharing your opinions about a particular product/service and much more. Once you reach around 2000 points, you can check out the rewards section for new gift cards. You can expect to earn anywhere between $10-$15 for 2000 points

What I Like About Mypoints App

I like that I don’t have to install 5-6 different apps to make money online. Not only these apps eat up my data but they also drain the battery in no time. Furthermore, it is always good to declutter your phone and have minimal apps and data on it as possible.

What I Don’t Like About Mypoints App

As great as the MyPoints app is, there are few bugs that may cost you all your points. If you accidentally delete a survey form (after filling up), there is no way to restore it. This is why I prefer the desktop version of MyPoints. The chances of you making such a blunder are far less when navigating with a mouse and computer keyboard.

My Recommendation

I recommend the MyPoints app and the desktop version to those who wish to earn gift cards and PayPal money quickly without installing too many apps on their phone.


To make the best of this free service, it is advised using the desktop version of the MyPoints website. However, even the Android app works fine. Click here to download the free MyPoints app for Android phones.

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