3 Ways That Minimalism Saves Money

On this week’s episode of the Financial Conversation Podcast, we discussed minimalism. You may be wondering why, but we’ve all personally found that minimalism saves money.

We shared our stories for how we started becoming more minimalistic with our belongings. Some of us have always had a tendency to be minimalistic, while others are just now realizing the beauty and benefits of empty spaces. We also all recognized that we’ll never be true minimalists with only the absolute bare necessities in our homes.

As we’ve all started to embrace minimalism, we’ve seen how minimalism saves money, along with how it can be beneficial in other aspects of life too.

If you are considering decluttering your home, here are 3 ways we’ve found that minimalism saves money.

As we've started to embrace minimalism, we've seen how minimalism saves money, along with how it can be beneficial in other aspects of life too.

Minimalism Prompted Me to Buy Less Stuff

I’ve been decluttering on and off for the past year. It’s a long-term goal of mind to get rid of all of the clutter in my home and separate myself emotionally and physically from the thinks I ‘thought’ I needed. There were so many things I’ve held onto over the past few years with the thought that I might need it in the future or I might find the time to use it again and it’s just not true for the most part.

Decluttering my home and embracing minimalism has not only freed my from the belongings I don’t want or need but it has also helped me become more aware that I need to spend consciously and avoid picking up more useless clutter at the store. Now that I am deep into the decluttering process, I no longer feel the need to purchase little things here and there (even if there are on sale) because I just don’t want to deal with the hassle of owning more stuff. Having this mindset has saved me tons of money this past year and I’m happy to say I hardly make purchases that are outside my budget because I feel more content, and have clear values and more control over my money.


Minimalism Allowed for a Cheaper Move

I recently moved from NC to TX, and then from TX all the way to NJ. I can’t even begin to imagine how much those moves would have cost had I rented an actual moving truck (or used PODS).

Before the first move, I sat down and tried to figure out if it was worth getting a truck or not. First off, I had to account for towing my car behind the truck, which was going to be a couple hundred dollars.

The biggest thing I owned was a bed – one I had purchased just a few years ago. But… mattresses aren’t all that expensive. If the truck itself was going to cost me $1,000, plus the $400ish to tow my car, plus more gas and more expensive tolls, it didn’t seem worth it.

Instead, I decided to only bring what fit in my little 2-door Civic, and I survived perfectly fine sleeping on an air mattress and having just the essentials.

When it comes to lowering costs, I’m fine getting creative, even if that means doing a few things others balk at. While it might sound a little crazy, we’re made to adapt, and that’s exactly what I did.

In the end, I’m much happier knowing I have the freedom to pick up and go whenever I want to. It won’t cost me a bunch, and it’s manageable when there’s no one else around to help. Being burdened by “stuff” isn’t fun for me.


Minimalism Allowed Me to Get a Roommate

When I first moved into my 4 bedroom home, I didn’t think it was too much space for me, my pets, and my belongings. But as time has passed, and I’ve realized just how little I actually need to live, I’ve changed my mind about my home.

I began purging things from my home that I no longer needed or didn’t enjoy having in my space. Before long, I realized that I could benefit financially by moving to a smaller home with lower utility bills and a lower monthly mortgage. The other option was to get a roommate, and this is what I ultimately ended up doing. Because I cleared out nearly my entire  basement, I was able to have my brother move in with me to help both of us lower our bills. Minimalism saves money by allowing me to live in a smaller amount of space.


Can you think of other ways that minimalism saves money? Have you embraced minimalism in your home?

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