How to Decide Who to Hire?

Hiring candidateWith the internship season just round the corner and constant applications for job openings, it’s quite tricky as to who must be hired and who must be let go of. It is not easy to decide who will more valuable and useful to the company and increase revenue in comparison to the hundred others who have applied and now wait for approval. This task is definitely stressful for the human resource (HR) department of each and every company in this world. Thus, read on to find how to hire exactly the one you need and who will be the most deserving of them all.

How to decide who to hire is not an easy task at all. It is indeed very tedious and tiring. Well, to begin with, you must study the educational qualifications of each and every one who has applied for the job or internship. You must know the ranking of different universities and how well they impart education. It must also be kept in mind that the degree conferred is in accordance to what the job is related to. No degree in creative writing will be useful if the company deals in manufacturing cars and the job opening is for an electric engineer. One’s marks are often said to be least reflective of his true potential but then, this is also a fact that they cannot be ignored totally and overlooked, even if they have failed in their papers and their mark-sheets have volumes of scores in red. In this modern day and era where there is constant competition in every field, marks and degrees from a good and well appreciated university are necessary requirements. Thus, they must be examined with great concentration, even if this means extra work and time investment.

Next, one’s co-curricular activities and hobbies should also be focused on. One who do not de-stress himself by engaging in leisure is least likely to have a sound and stable mind. A broad outlook is necessary for smooth functioning at work. One’s hobbies speak of his intellectual development and means of expression and passion. Only work and no play is bound to make one dull and clumsy with least attention towards work. The aim must be to hire an individual who had had a holistic development. There must be no discrimination on any grounds such as caste, class, religion, age, sex, skin color, or any other relevant parameter that has no logical explanation but only stems from prejudiced minds.

Finally, it must also be checked whether the applicant has previous knowledge related to the field. Those with experience are often preferred since they know how the industry works and have received earlier training, even if it’s little. However, deserving inexperienced candidates must also be given a fair chance to prove themselves. It is also advisable to have situational tests and tests in the form of assignments or tasks to see who qualifies and is worth it. Only by following these steps and methods can the hiring process be fair and just.

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