How to be a Better Manager

workplace-1949404_640Managing people is not a job everyone is cut out to do. It usually takes someone with good people skills who can handle pressure well.

But even with those skills it can be a tough job to master, and the best employees can sometimes have a tough time with the transition when they are promoted to a management position.  There are ways to polish your skills, though, so you can learn how to be a better manager.

1 Lead by example

They say a good team is only as good as its leader and to some degree, that’s true. If you, as a manager, are late for work and waste a lot of time talking and conducting personal business on work time how can you expect your employees not to do the same?

On the other hand, if your employees have to work an occasional weekend shift maybe you should schedule yourself into the rotation as well. As a good manager you shouldn’t ask more from your employees than you are willing to put forth yourself.

2 Give Credit Where it’s Due

If you’ve done a good job hiring competent staff then you need to ask for their advice on matters where you can as well as listen when they have a potential solution to a work problem. In addition, make sure you don’t take the credit for the work they do and give them the credit for a job well done as well as when they solve problems.

3 Support Your Team

When push comes to shove and someone has an issue with a member of your team it is your job as a manager to give them the benefit of the doubt and be on their side. Get the facts and check out the complaint, but reassure your employee that as the manager you’ve got their back. This goes double if someone treats them poorly. The dedication you will gain from that team member for doing so is invaluable and if you show that you respect them, they will respect you.

4 Share Information

Chances are your employees are interested not only in receiving a paycheck but also in the well-being of the company they are working for. After all, it’s in their best interests to care to ensure they still have a job and a paycheck in the future. Whenever you have information about the company as a whole, such as excellent sales figures for the last quarter, share it with them. It can be a great moral booster to know their hard work is not going unnoticed. Of course, if the news isn’t great it can in turn give you and your employees inspiration to work a little harder or make changes to improve things.

5 Communicate

Good communication skills are something you probably already have or you wouldn’t be a manager. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still room for improvement. Communication comes in many forms, of course, including both verbal and written. But communicating well includes more than just good English. To improve your communication as a manager, there are plenty of good places to visit to get free advice from: These include the Free management library, non profit organizations such as Acas but we recommend a good read of this post by Trevor McClintock.

No matter how good of a manager you are there are always ways to improve and learn how to be a better manager. Hopefully some of the ideas and tips above will help you to manage your team in an effective manner.

What ideas do you have to add that can help you learn how to be a better manager?

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