Forgiving and Forgetting

Forgiving and ForgettingWe are disappointed when we defend someone for so long and that person turns out to be like everyone said. We feel betrayed in relationships, in friendships, by our families sometimes. Sometimes there are mistakes which change our life completely, mistakes not even made by us.

It is difficult to simply dismiss painful memories and pretend like nothing ever happened. It is difficult to accept the person after what they did to you, after all the pain they made you go through. But forgiving is necessary for a person to grow. Forgiving and forgetting is important for yourself, so that you don’t go around carrying the burden of anger and hatred towards someone else. ‘When you let go of what doesn’t serve you, you make room for what does’.

‘The most beautiful people are those who’ve known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths.’

Revenge is for the weak. Instead of teaching someone a lesson or getting back at them, release your soul through the liberating art of forgiveness. Teach yourself a lesson. Don’t carry around the weight of a revenge and negativity than follows.

The wound will hurt as long as you keep touching it. Take proper care of it, the wound will heal leaving only a scar, which will remind you of your courage and determination you showed throughout the period of pain. Those scars are for the stories that will remind you of how you got from where you were to where you are now.
People meet you for a reason; either they are a blessing or a lesson.

Merely ignoring the memory of a suffering isn’t forgiveness; you are just suppressing your pain, your anger. The moment you decide to leave it all behind, the moment you decide that this should not pull you behind, the moment you realize that you are much stronger than you thought you were, the moment you realize that even if it wasn’t ‘okay’, it is all in the past now and holding grudges can only destroy you, is the moment you actually start living your life.

Forgiving and forgetting is moving on from our bad past relationships, and preventing those people and memories to haunt our present and future. Learning from those experiences and not making the same mistakes again. Leaving those issues behind and concentrating on the struggles that are yet to come. Remembering those moments graciously, because today you stand strong, despite everything that ever happened.

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