FCP030 – Our Worst Financial Mistakes

Welcome back to the Financial Conversation Podcast!

We are going to be admitting and discussing our worst financial mistakes. Just because we blog about money doesn’t mean we are experts. All of us have made some money mistakes along the way, and now we are going to share our stories with you.

We reveal our worst financial mistakes in this episode of the Financial Conversation Podcast. Listen to what we learned so you don't make these money mistakes!


In this episode we discuss:

  • 1:10 – Kayla’s Financial Mistakes
  • 2:10 – Chonce’s Financial Mistakes
  • 6:50 – Erin’s Financial Mistakes
  • 10:15 – Why bank accounts are a pain in the neck when you move
  • 12:30 – How to create a money safety net
  • 14:50 – How to avoid paying fees
  • 17:35 – Kayla’s light bulb moment
  • 18:35 – Chonce’s fender bender
  • 22:20 – Speaking of car insurance…
  • 23:15 – Is there anything we are proud of?
  • 26:00 – Chonce’s final thoughts on making financial mistakes

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