FCP026 – Serial Entrepreneurship

Welcome back to the Financial Conversation Podcast!

This episode was a real treat as we were joined by a fellow entrepreneur, Matt Giovanisci.

Matt is what you might call a “serial entrepreneur” who has started several successful, and not so successful, businesses over the past few years. He also loves to rap about everything from pool care, to making money, and more.

We were very excited to talk with Matt about his experiences with entrepreneurship and running successful businesses.

In this episode, we discussed serial entrepreneurship with Matt Giovanisci, who shared some awesome insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs!

In this episode we discuss:

  • 1:15 – Matt’s backstory
  • 2:10 – Matt’s unyielding entrepreneurial itch
  • 5:00 – How to validate business plans and decide on good ideas
  • 12:15 – What do you do when a business fails?
  • 20:30 – Do you set income goals for your businesses?
  • 23:10 – How do your businesses earn money?
  • 31:30 – How do you know when it’s time to leave a business behind?
  • 39:45 – Matt’s favorite lifestyle aspect of being an entrepreneur
  • 48:00 – The most beneficial skill Matt has acquired over the years
  • 57:30 – A spotlight on Matt’s upcoming projects

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