Entrepreneurial Mindset: Your Vision, Mission and Plan of Action to Success Should Start Now


Contrary to popular opinion, entrepreneurs are made, not born. What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur can be reduced to skills. And the good news is, all skills are learnable.

You can become a successful entrepreneur, even if you have tried and failed in the past. Entrepreneurs who rose to the pinnacle of their industries did so by having a vision, mission, and a success plan and most importantly, they worked hard at it till they succeeded.

You too can develop the mindset of an entrepreneur and succeed beyond your wildest imagination in your chosen business.

How Do You Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Regardless of the path each entrepreneur took to succeed, everything can be boiled down to this: entrepreneurs add value

Think of Mark Zuckerberg who enabled friends and family to connect and share their lives regardless of where they are in the world. Think of Travis Kalanic of Uber who made getting from one place to another regardless of the time of day and without cash as simple as tapping a few buttons on your smartphone.

To develop an entrepreneurial mindset, you need to think in terms of service and value. The rest is down to grit and the mentality to persevere until you reach your goals. Other techniques that can help are modelling the entrepreneurs you admire, reading books that inspire, joining an entrepreneurs’ network, and putting all you’ve learned into practice.

Your Business Vision

How will your business change the future? That’s your business vision. Vision provides you and your team with clear direction and focus. It helps you to make the right decisions easily. It attracts talents, investors, and strategic partners. Without a vision, no business can exist. Take the time to develop your overall business vision in line with your short and long-term objectives.

Your Business Mission

Your mission is what drives you and wakes you up every morning. Your business mission is more than the common empty statements filled with corporate-speak and intention of what companies intend to do. For FedEx, their mission is to get it there. TED’s mission is to spread ideas. Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. What’s yours?

Your Business Success Action Plan

A well-known axiom of success states that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Your action plan is a breakdown of tactics and steps you need to take to pave the way to business success. The plan should include how you intend to make money, how you plan to win customers, how you intend to attract talents, how you intend to protect your business, handle emergencies, and so on.

Why Now Is the Best Time to Start

To develop an entrepreneurial mindset, you need to have a vision, mission, and action plan to succeed in business. There is no better time to start developing an entrepreneurial mindset, articulating your vision and mission, and formulating a plan of action than now.

Starting to work on these important components of entrepreneurial success will give you clarity, help you build momentum, test things in the real world. And if you’re the first in your marketplace, you could also enjoy the first-mover advantage.


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