3 Effective Strategies to Deal with Haters

This week we discussed a very important downside you may experience on your financial and professional journey: interacting with haters.

While most people in your life will be genuinely happy for you and your success, some people won’t so it’s important to acknowledge that.

Sometimes haters are people close to you who may either be hating, or they might just be looking out for your “best interests”. Sometimes haters are people who aren’t close to you at all.

At times, it can be difficult to tell true haters apart from people who really have your best interests in mind, but one thing sticks out when questioning whether someone is a hater or not and that is their negative attitude/mindset and intentional blatant disregard to offer you any support when you need it.

It can almost seem like haters are waiting for you to mess up or fail so it can bring them some type of satisfaction and that’s not pleasant to be around.

Since haters can seriously derail you from reaching your goals, you need to take it upon yourself to develop an effective strategy to deal with them and continue on the road to success.

Here are some of our tips for how you can deal with haters.

Everyone has to deal with haters at some point in their lives, but how you deal with them is key. Here are 3 strategies you can use to come out on top!

1. Avoid Taking Negativity Personally

It’s not uncommon to judge someone else too harshly when you don’t know their personal situation. This is something I feel haters do too often at times.

Sometimes social media can portray people under a certain light that doesn’t truly reflect your life. If you are sharing all the positive news about your life and keeping the bad news to yourself, people may naturally assume you are bragging, have it all together, or want to appear like you’re better than others. Some people may not believe the things you say and judge you harshly whenever you make a mistake and that can be hurtful.

It’s important to realize than whenever someone is projecting negativity or jealousy about you or what you’re doing, it’s not necessarily anything you’re doing wrong and can be an internal struggle that person has to deal with. For example, if you make sacrifices and work hard to start crushing your student loan debt and you share news about that with others, people who aren’t making much progress and have low self esteem about that may feel a little envious and purposely ignore your news. This isn’t your problem, it’s theirs. Not everyone will act this way, so you need to give more attention to the people who offer support and encouragement which we will detail in the next point.

It’s hard to feel genuinely happy for someone when you don’t have your own stuff together so try not to take it personally. Keep doing what you’re doing and avoid bragging. Act gracious and humble instead and don’t look for large masses of people to congratulate you on your success. Having low expectations of certain people means you will pleasantly surprised at times.


2. Surround Yourself with Positive and Supportive People

I’ve never actually had to deal with “haters” per se. At first, some people were skeptical of my decision to quit my job and start freelancing, but that’s also because they didn’t understand the industry or how people legitimately make money from it.

With finance, my friends and family have always been supportive. I believe that’s a huge key in not having to deal with haters in the first place. I’m very grateful that most of my friends were in the same position as me when we graduated from college, and they share many of the same values, so frugal outings are the norm. If something wasn’t in the budget for me, I would tell them, and that was that.

If you have friends and family who are bad influences or who don’t share (or understand) your business or financial goals, it’s going to be more difficult to be open with them, and they may not be as accepting. So make surrounding yourself with people who are positive and supportive a priority when getting serious about your goals.


3. Take What Haters Say with a Grain of Salt

One of the ways I deal with haters is just to embrace the fact that they have an opinion. Everyone is entitled to having their own opinion and expressing that opinion. When I run across a hater, I try to keep this in mind and know that one person’s opinion isn’t going to hurt me in the long-run. I also try to keep a positive attitude and remember that for all the haters out there, there are plenty of people who also have a positive opinion about me and my goals too. Plus, at the end of the day, it only matters what I think about my goals and progress, not what other people have to say about it.


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Have you had to deal with haters? What strategies have you used?

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