Communicate Better with Your Interviewer with 5 Pro-Tips

interview processJob Interviews can take a stress troll, especially if you feel your communication skills are not at power. Even though every job profile demands for a different skill set, there are a few things you have to get right. You may be immensely talented, but you build your reputation on certain other things as well, one of them being your communication skills. But what is the point of all your efforts you are not able to communicate your interests and ideas to your interview.

  • Even before you hit the interview: When you are sending an application for a job interview, the email you’re sending should be checked twice before you hit the ‘send’ button. You can’t afford to make a silly error in the email, because unlike in casual texts or WhatsApp messages, making corrections with an Asterix (*) wouldn’t look very neat. Mistakes with spelling, tone, and grammar make you look careless. How is the employer supposed to trust with the job when you are ignorant enough to get a spelling right?
  • Relax: Stress is one of the primary reasons that could prevent you from accurately explaining yourself and your passions to your interviewer. Make sure you have a good night’s sleep the previous night. Remember to smile every now and then. Be friendly and warm, but still focused. If you come across too hard or rigid, the hiring manager may think you could be difficult to work with.
  • Try storytelling: Sometimes the best way to make something sound interesting is by wrapping it up into a good story. With the right story, you can build an effective relationship with your interviewer. So, before you head to the interview, think of some interesting experiences you could talk about and revise them in your head so that you don’t fumble in between. Stories are the best way to give examples to your claims.
  • Ask questions: Ask something that not only reveals something extraordinary about your personality but also leaves them thinking over the question! Even though you are the one who is on the hot seat, a one-sided conversation can become boring and unnatural. Ask some questions about the company, the job profile, and their expectations from you, but make sure you don’t sound unprepared.
  • Speak clearly: People can’t read your mind, you have to very understandable with what you want to convey to them. Keep your words simple.

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