5 Famous Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms

5 Famous Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms

Choosing the right platform for marketing automation is a difficult task. There are a lot of tools out there, most of which are more similar than different, providing standard features such as user segmentation, push notifications, and in-app messaging.

In addition to these standard features, these platforms provide analytics solutions that help you create data-insights driven marketing campaigns. Your preferred marketing automation tool can depend on how good the UI is, the level of automation that the platform provides so that you don’t have to analyze data on your own, how customer behavior centered the tool is, or whether it can easily be integrated within your existing stack or not.

Following are some famous mobile marketing automation platforms:

1. Swrve

Swrve helps brands respond to the needs of each individual customer in real-time and deliver relevant messaging across various mobile devices. Retention and behavioral analysis provide a clear picture of user interactions and help identify how well users like your app. 

The A/B testing provided by Swrve is highly customizable, accounting for specific demographics, usage, and much more. Available on a wide range of platforms, Swrve comes with a free trial that will help you decide if Swrve is the right option for you or not.

  • Best suited to big brands and agencies with a generous budget
  • Comes with Code-level A/B testing, push notifications, and in-app campaign delivery
  • Best for Marketing automation
  • Pricing: Monthly packages based on MAU and level of support

2. Braze

Formally known as Appboy, Braze is a close contender to Swrve. It comes with AI-driven suggestions that build user profiles based on demographics and purchase history. 

The Visualisation Canvas helps create goal-driven and heavily personalized customer journeys. Braze’s partnership with Amplitude allows data sharing between the two platforms. Braze lacks A/B testing, but its AI insights and Visualization Canvas more than covers for it.

  • Suited for Business of all sizes
  • Comes with AI-driven analytics
  • Visualization Canvas for creating custom Journeys
  • It provides comprehensive marketing automation with email as well as in-app messaging support
  • The pricing accommodates for growing businesses as well as enterprise
  • Lacks resource A/B testing

3. Amplitude

Amplitude is a platform for Product Analysis that isn’t used standalone but as a part of a complete marketing automation stack. 

Amplitude comes with Behavioral Cohorting that helps identify user behaviors contributing to long-term retention or any other desirable actions. The Microscope feature provides detailed user-behavior behind every data point in your graphs. Cohorts can be directly exported Braze or to any other platform through the APIs.

  • Suited for those who need an additional marketing analytics tool with their existing stack
  • Provides data scanning, identifies trends
  • Behavioral Cohorting to proactively promote positive user-behavior
  • Seamless data export to Braze
  • 0-10 Million Monthly Events – Free/ 0-100 Million Monthly Events – $995 / 0-10 Billion+ Monthly Events – POA

4. Localytics

Comes for mobile and web, Localytics provides Advanced Funnel Analytics that measures variations in user’s in-app journeys. 

Localytics has mastered analytical insights to device personalized push campaigns based on historical user behavior. The Predictive Module reveals leading indicators of users’ future behavior, a feature that major marketing tools lack.

  • Suited for Businesses of all sizes
  • Comes with real-time engagement analytics, flexible push notification marketing
  • Provides location-based messaging powered by Geofencing
  • The tool is priced based on MAU

5. CleverTap

CleverTrap, like its contenders, integrates well with web traffic. The Pivots feature that comes with CleverTrap provides a Pivot Analysis that helps summarise large volumes of data into tabular and other visualizations. You can create live user segments to reveal user actions even within the last 10 minutes, which helps manipulate user behavior on the fly.

  • Suited for Businesses of all sizes
  • Comes with Real-time engagement analysis, flexible push notification marketing, Geofencing based segmentation, A/B testing
  • Proficient mobile marketing and comprehensive analytics
  • Starter (Free – 10m events) / Pro – $350 pm / Unlimited – $700 pm / Enterprise (POA)

Final Thoughts

The list of famous Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms that I have put together will help you choose the best one for you according to your business needs. Make sure to go through the services and compare them with your requirements to choose the best fit.


Best Paid Online Survey Websites


You should think again if you are one of those people who believe online survey websites are a scam or a waste of time. I can assure you that they are legit. You just need to know which ones pay the highest rates per survey. I have shared a few online survey websites that I found useful in the times when I needed to make a few quick bucks.

Here are the 5 best paid online survey websites

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an online survey website that lets you make money online by just filling up survey forms. Swagbucks is one of the most trusted online survey websites as they have been featured on Huffington’s Post, The Penny Hoarder and BuzzFeed. Until now, they have paid their members more than $352 million. So, if you want to earn a few bucks, you can download this app on your mobile and complete easy tasks like filling up forms, watching videos and reading blog posts.

2. InboxDollars

With InboxDollars, you can now make money by completing easy tasks like opening emails and referring others to it. You can earn ten percent of what your preferred people are earning. This way, your income keeps on multiplying and you can earn some serious money by the end of each month.

3. Global Test Market

Completing a survey form on Global Test Market is the easiest relative to other online survey websites. Global Test Market pays you in form of life points which later can be converted to cash or to a gift card. However, you will need a PayPal account to receive your reward in the form of cash. For every 806 life points you make, Global Test Market will transfer $10 in your PayPal account. You can also claim your payment in gift cards from popular online stores like Amazon.

4. Opinion Outpost

Want to get paid $10-$15 a day?  Opinion Outpost may be the best online survey website for you. Their mobile app is very user-friendly and well designed. On logging in to Opinion Outpost, you will see your dashboard with all the details thoughtfully organized. The next step will be to fill out a simple questionnaire that will let them know about your likes and dislikes. Filling this form is essential as your tasks will be based on the information you provide.

5. LifePoints

LifePoints is another popular online survey website. You can make money on collecting life points by filling out survey forms. The thing that I like about LifePoints is that you get to choose what kind of surveys you are interested in doing. You can select domains you are well versed with and discard everything else.


Filling out surveys is an activity that requires no mental or physical energy. Furthermore, it is completely risk-free as you are not required to invest a dime from your pocket. So why not sign up for one of the above-mentioned online survey websites and try out for yourselves.