4 Savvy Ways to Save Money Online

Gone are the days when people would collect every magazine going and clip out the coupons in the back to save money when shopping. The internet has opened up how we save money and enabled us to find some genuine deals. The vastness of the companies online, each vying for your business, means that in order to succeed, they need to be making good offers for you to use their service. But what are the best kinds of deals that you can get online – and how exactly do you go about finding them?

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Introductory Offers

One way in which brands are known to build a strong customer following is by enticing them in with some benefits. By offering a gesture of good will before the customer interacts with the brand, the latter is more likely to have a favorable opinion of the brand. Deals can be found for money off your first online shop with many supermarkets. For example, Walmart has a growing selection of online vouchers for those who do their first online grocery shop. This not only provides customers with money off what they already were going to spend but also builds a relationship with the supermarket. Oddschecker offers free bets for those who sign up, which can be a strong enough reason to differentiate them from competitors and enable the customer to be persuaded to stick around based on the games available.

Celebrity Endorsement Deals

Another way in which the digital age is helping us benefit with savings is the advent of celebrities endorsing products. These don’t have to be George Clooney advertising coffee or Natalie Portman selling perfume. There are also lesser-known celebrities with deals that you’ll benefit from. For example, Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (and Paris Hilton’s aunt) is often touting various slimming tea offers on her social media, allowing her followers to benefit from money off their orders. Boohoo USA follows the British model of the company, regularly using socialites and celebrities in order to offer 10% or 20% discounts on orders. The celebrities benefit by making money through their codes being used, while the shopper benefits from money off, and the company even benefits in terms of brand awareness from having a well-known endorser of their merchandise.

Seasonal Sales

One of the biggest pushes for companies making offers you really shouldn’t refuse is when an occasion comes where their sales targets are higher. The period from Thanksgiving to Christmas offers a variety of sales, as companies know that all businesses are vying for you to make your holiday purchases with them. Apple is known for running lucrative Black Friday sales deals and then keeping the offers running until January. For most businesses, Q4 is when the greatest amount of money is made, so profit margins are deliberately designed to allow for as many special offers as the company deems is necessary.

Seasonal sale

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Free Trials

Another way that services use to entice customers, and that customers can benefit from, is a period of free trials. This is used by all manner of company that looks to hook you in. Netflix is renowned for offering your first month free, while hayu, Spotify, and Amazon Prime also offer trial periods before you have to commit to a full membership. Free trials work to suck in customers – but if you use them cleverly, you can amass several months of free content or service without having to commit. Gyms also offer a free trial, so if you plan your workouts over a period of time and use all the free trials offers, you could see some serious results for little expense.

Savvy shopping can turn a basket of expensive purchases into a breeze and if you know where to look online – the multitude of coupon websites – then you’ll be able to find a good deal easily. Companies need your business more than they like to let on, so you have some power over where you shop. As such, there are only a handful of brands that don’t regularly churn out deals and offers to entice customers. Their logic is that once you use their brand once, you’ll be a loyal customer and the product or service on offer will be strong enough to keep you using them once the deal wears off.

Setting Up a Contingency Plan for Your Finances

Family financesRecent research has highlighted that approximately three quarters of all adults in the UK are worried about their finances. Additionally, 20% possess no savings at all, while around a third of British adults have no contingency plan in place. While this could leave households struggling, having a contingency plan could assist.

Benefits of a Back Up Plan

While you may never need a back-up plan, when it comes to your finances, it is a good idea to make sure you are in a strong position. This could help you in numerous ways:

  • Should you lose your job, you can use these funds to pay for essential living costs, such as rent, bills and food
  • Having savings could allow you to follow your passion or change your career path, something that could require taking a lower paid job
  • Being in a stronger financial position could help to ease stress if you are injured or diagnosed with a serious illness

Essentially, having a back-up plan could help to provide financial stability. If you would like to set up your contingency plan, here are a few effective methods.

Consider an Insurance Policy

While you probably have insurance policies for your car and home, a personal insurance policy can provide cover in the event of accident, illness or job loss. These types of insurance can act as a contingency plan, by helping you to pay for your financial commitments such as the mortgage or loan repayments, as well as providing security for any dependents.

Build Your Savings

With so many British adults having no savings, in the event of job loss or accident, this could add to their stress and concerns. One way to combat this and build a financial cushion is by actively saving. There are many ways to do this, including automatic savings apps or creating a budget to help you cut back on unnecessary spending and live more frugally.

Pay off Your Debts

While clearing your debts may not provide a lump sum you can fall back on, it could ease financial pressures, should the worst happen. By paying off your debts you could reduce your monthly outgoings as well as improve your credit score, which in turn, could make it easier to access emergency funds, should this be something you require.

No matter which method you use for your back up plan, it could benefit yourself and your immediate family by providing financial security.