Batch Cook and Freeze Pasta to Save Money on Food

When you are on a tight budget, eating healthy becomes a little difficult. You are trying to cut corners to make ends meet. You do not have the luxury of having options when it comes to anything, even food. If you are in a situation like this, then planning is the key to keep eating healthy without having to break your bank.

While talking about budget tips to stock up on healthy food, I talked about freezing fresh and seasonal produce to help them last longer because buying in bulk is a good money-saving tip. If you can plan around that, then that is great!

Batch cooking is another way to ensure that you are eating healthy every day. This requires some level of planning as well. You can plan it over the weekend and work accordingly.

If you are a student or are working two jobs, you will be thankful for this student life hack that has been around for quite a long time. If you didn’t know that you can freeze pasta, this could be life-changing for you.

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When I say you can freeze pasta, I am talking about cooked pasta. You do not need to freeze your dry pasta as it lasts for almost forever.

Your cooked pasta can be frozen with all the vegetables and sauces, and it will be perfectly fine for consumption. Any type of pasta – penne (my favorite), macaroni, lasagne, spaghetti, or any other type will work. 

Tip: Make sure that you keep the past still slightly chewy so that it still is good when reheated. Soft pasta will struggle to make it through the reheating process.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t have enough time or are on a tight budget, use this trick to eat healthy throughout the week. Cook a big batch of pasta and freeze it, so that you can reheat portions over the week.

Pasta is a versatile dish. You can make so many different types, and by adding vegetables and sauces, you are adding nutrition and taste. It can last you through the whole semester or your budget crunching time without making you feel sorry for yourself for not even having good food.

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5 Reasons to Make Podcasts Part of Your Daily Routine


Podcasting is one of the latest mediums of sharing knowledge that has gained huge traction. This medium has gained the respect of the masses. Rightly so, a lot can be learned from this and people who have been there and done that, get to share their experiences with people who need them.

If you haven’t yet made listening to podcasts a daily part of your routine, here are some reasons why you should.

1. The Opportunity to Learn from Industry Experts

Podcasting has been gaining traction as a serious source of information. Only audio usually isn’t as glamorous as, say, videos. Which is why you will usually have serious people dabbling in it. People who actually have something to share because they can’t fill the silence with images that will be visually appealing.

By listening to podcasts that are run by people who have made it in the industry and are now sharing their experience, you will not only gain knowledge of your desired industry but also get inner circle insights that are not openly discussed anywhere else.

2. Interesting Alternatives to Books

I know so many people who want to learn by reading books but can’t even get themselves to read a few pages. Many people struggle with keeping their attention held by what the self-help or business book has to say.

Podcasts are similar to listening to your friends talk. We like story-telling and listening to stories. For ages, stories have been a part of teaching life lessons. You get to emotionally connect with the host because you don’t only listen to words, you listen to emotions, you listen to a person!

3. Can Be Treated as a Source of Entertainment

Not all the podcasts are serious and even when they are, they aren’t speeches delivered in a monotone. Podcasts are usually conversational, even if there is just a single person running it. When you have more people talking as if they were having a conversation, it becomes as easy on your ears as listening to talk shows.

Podcasts are mostly unfiltered because not every word you are going to say can be scripted, especially when there are more people involved. You can hear genuine conversation and discussion. Learning from a discussion is way more fun than learning from a lecture. The personality of the moderator can add to it.

4. Commute Companions

As mentioned in the point above, podcasts can be entertaining. This makes them a great companion for the commute. Most of us have some sort of commute weaved into our daily lives. We often listen to songs to pass our time. Try switching to podcasts, you can alternate between the things that you want to learn and the ones that are made purely for entertainment.

This will help you use your time to learn something and you will also be able to pass the commute in no time because you aren’t bored and you have something to look forward to. You can also listen to them when taking a walk, running, or even when gyming. Podcasts bring you a balance of knowledge and entertainment.

5. Free! Free! Free!

Most of the podcasts are free of cost, so you can stream them and download them without spending any money on the material. This gives you a chance to test out different ones to find out which one works for you. Even if you were to listen to audiobooks, you would get a very select few to be free as part of some sort of promotion, but the ones you want to read can cost upwards of $10, and that adds up.

When you add free to the list of benefits, all the other benefits become even more enticing. Getting entertainment and knowledge for free and that too from industry experts. How cool is that?!

Final Thoughts

In the times, when we struggle for money and time, podcasts help you learn things without investing much of both. Take advantage of it and learn to your heart’s content.