Tips to Earn More Pension than the Best Salary

time and money saving tips

Long-term Investments that can earn regular ROI are stated to be the most effective ways of the pension plan. Investing in the correct plan at the most trusted financial sources can ensure more pension than the best salary you may earn. Here are a few simple tips that may help you to take the right decision.

Real Estate Investment – Continuous Income

Real estate investments can earn consistent cash flow with very low risks. We all know the growth of the real estate market all over the United States and the rest of the world. The value of land and apartments is growing rapidly. There could be some recession in the residential real estate when the demand slows down. But it is only a short-term slum which may not have any serious impact on the real estate market as a whole.

Pension Funds: Pension funds from private and public sector real estate is a growing investment across the USA today. Direct investments from individuals can earn higher dividends during your pension period. The market volatility in the long-term is stated to be the least among the investments for pension funds.

Direct Holdings: Bearer security certificates for real estate means a trusted source of income for your investments. The agency in which you make the investment will be directly responsible for the security of your money and assured returns.

Re-Investments: Once the project term is over, you can withdraw your investment and the earned profits. Or you may continue by re-investing a part of it onto other projects. You may continue to earn the profits every month as your pension.

When to Invest: practically speaking, there are no age limits for investing in the real estate pension fund. You may start from the early or late twenties to get the best returns by the time you reach 60. Then you can convert that fund into a Treasury bond pension plan and earn pension without any risks.

Logistics Investments –Trusted Pension Plan

 Logistics is a domain which is growing all over the USA and rest of the world. It is the connecting channel for all the public and private sector businesses. The vertical growth and expansion of the organization will be positive and risk-free.

Pension Funding: Pension funding will be through the net profits earned by the organization. They will have an insurance trust which manages all your investments. Many of the trusts offer a pension to the spouse of the deceased person who is eligible for the plan. You can earn fixed revenues every month.

Pension Value:  If your investments last for 2 or 3 decades of your active working period, it is possible to earn more funds than your salary. But you have to select the right logistics company which is projected to be stable on the stock markets. The experience could be one of the primary criteria for choosing the company. You should also consider the customer base on the global market and the type of services they offer. The international value of USD in the export and import markets also plays an important role in deciding the profitability ratio.

More UK Student Property Investment Needed

mortgageAs increasing numbers of the newest, luxury loving, premium demanding generation are going off to university, the demand for high-quality student accommodation in the UK is at an all-time high.

No longer will students settle with the sub-par, damp conditions that students have had to endure for years before.

The National Union of Students (NUS) has recently conducted a survey on university students regarding their opinions of their current or past experience with student accommodation. On average, it was found that out of every 10 UK students, 4 of these would deem their privately rented accommodation as “substandard”, reporting a plethora of issues. Out of all students surveyed, 42% of these reported frequent problems with damp and insulation, whilst another 16% admitted living in houses with numerous electrical issues.

In additional to these direct issues that the students are faced with in their day-to-day living, a whopping 37% of students surveyed by the NUS stated that they have never been provided with the correct paperwork to ensure that their deposits were being held safely by the correct agency, despite this being a legal requirement for all tenants in the UK.

Student property standards increase

It is not news to anyone that there have always been numerous issues found with old-fashioned student accommodation, rented out to students by largely amateur landlords.

This type of accommodation has, for many years, been the only option for students in their second and third years of university, having to accept what they can afford in an area close to campus. However, this is now changing, and its changing quickly.

A growing number of students

Statistics released by UCAS highlights the ever-increasing number of students attending university. Proportionately, there was a 0.3% increase in applications for university in 2018, with this figure anticipated to be higher in 2019.

With a substantial 8% rise in rest of the world applicants (up to a record high of 65,440 for 2018), the need for accommodation is set to keep growing.

Interestingly, and unlike the rest of the UK housing market, the economy had little bearing on the number of students attending university. CIPD highlight this, whereby as an economy falls in an area, with less job opportunities available, the number of university applicants actually rises. With Brexit itself appearing to play little part in the demand by rest of world applicants and a falling economy, we may see the number of university applicants rocket.

An investment opportunity

With a 68% rise in demand in the last 8 years for purpose-built, modern, student accommodation, there is great potential for investors in the UK student property market to achieve high long-term returns – there are ample student accommodation investment opportunities available to investors.

Net asset value in student property was up 7.2% across 2018, according to property experts DIGS. This figure is a result of the ever-increasing number of applicants going to university, and an increase in rental price for private student accommodation.