5 Safest Stocks to Invest in

Stock market

Investing money is a big step. Most spend years debating where and when they should go for it, and eventually end up saving them in their accounts. Which is essentially risk-free, and yet, you can play your hand at speculation and invest in stocks, which could either fall in favour of you or not at all. If you’ve got it really good luck, id say go for it! For you first timers unsure of the way to go about it, seeking middle ground might be a safe yet thrilling experience for you. Safe with a significant return. It’ll help you understand the roots of the changing market, introduce you to a way of things and the rest is all on your luck.

But if you do want to invest, where risk will be minimum with a promised return, open to significantly increasing over time. If you’re looking for a safe investment, here are some key tips; choose a company whose revenues grow steadily, has a good position within the market, has a stock that is fairly priced and has a concrete plan for its growth and rise.

Here the blue chip stocks might be for you, let’s break down 5 of the safest stocks for you to invest in.

Ford:  This US automaker might be your safest choice. Having had dependable stocks for the past one hundred years and despite having been subjected to changes through varying economic cycles and fluctuations, it still stands to be strong and reliable. One of the oldest, it’s journey is enough for you to learn from. Coming back stronger and stronger despite road bumps and failures that could’ve broke them down. Having this company’s stocks might just turn your luck around, who knows?

Coca cola: This American corporation offer you stock but so much more. The pride and confidence of being associated with this brand adds to your life. It’s giving and has a certain sense of reliability. They’ve had a steady increase in dividends and their profits over the years, with a solid return on your investments. I’d surely recommend this company for you. Catering to all people, it’s diversity has no end. Globally, it looks out for all ages, preferences, tastes and areas. Ever growing and ever changing. Its dynamic nature should be what draws you to it.

Microsoft: The best software companies, globally dominating the market, paving its path to higher payouts. One of the leading players in the game, it’s a solid choice for your first timers and for those who wish to play it safe this time around. It has years of experience and growth in its book, creativity at its peak and widening its perspective by changing with evolving times. Trying to adapt a modern, young outlook to its company, microsoft may end up becoming even more huge than it is now, a spectacle, if you will. Now is the time you choose your stand with it.

Amazon: Newcomer of sorts, youth among others yet has a rising tide of modern technology and energy. Influential to the core, this company is the new go-to for everyone. Making it more and more consumer worthy, entering into unknown get familiar territories to broaden its horizon, this is the perfect time to be investing in these stocks. Amazon has a great plan for its future, and it’s path isn’t going to be changed or hindered with. This is your chance, so go for it!

Apple: Apple has always been the king, and while the up and coming technological geniuses like Netflix and amazon have come into the picture, its throne remains intact. With its era beginning with the iPod, the iPhone, the iPads and so on, its profitability and innovation know no stop. Its impressive gains makes it the ideal and to be honest, the best company to invest in. It’s apple, you don’t need much of my reasons now do you? You know its glory, its prestige, its history and its excellence.

For all those looking out for safe investments, make sure you know that just being a part of the market doesn’t get you anywhere, unless sometimes worse. Being impulsive, giving in to the thrill and adrenaline rush of the stock market won’t result in big numbers as returns on your investments. The market is a wide arena and it’s all for you to explore. So get going, get investing!

5 Investing Tips for Beginners

Financial marketYoung professionals are often excited by the prospect of buying and trading stocks. And, for some, the rush of investing in the stock market can become a lifelong obsession. Yet, there’s a great deal of nuance associated with making smart investments. Indeed, many inexperienced investors make common mistakes that can threaten their financial stability. To avoid these errors and to ensure you get off to a great start with your first investments, check out these five tips for beginners:

Invest in Yourself

Self-belief is key to success in any venture. Young professionals should recognize that the best investments they can make are toward their own futures. So setting aside money for higher-education or career-advancement opportunities is always a good thing!

Set Budgets & Goals

Strange though it may seem, many people enter the stock-market fray without knowing how much money they want to gain –– or how much they’re willing to spend. This is a dangerous policy because without hard limits and tangible goals, investors will struggle to put their returns into context. Depending on their budget and their aspirations, two investors could have drastically different interpretations of the same outcome.

Check Your Emotions

The stock market ebbs and flows. This is simply a part of investing in the modern world. The bad news is, it’s easy for green investors to get caught up in the thrills and frustrations of stock-market fluctuations. Keep in mind though, making rash decisions based on emotions or “gut-feelings” will more often than not end in failure. If you’re serious about making a play in the stock market, then check your emotions at the door.

Stick to What You Know

Maybe you’ve heard through the grapevine about an exciting new stock option opening up. Or perhaps you’ve monitored the progress of a certain company on the market for a few weeks and are convinced in its viability. While it’s tempting to jump at these stocks, the smart play is to stick to businesses and industries you understand best. Blindly investing in a company without fully understanding its M.O. is a risky proposition.

Do Your Homework

Of course you can always expand your business knowledge by conducting independent research of your own. If you’re excited about a stock’s potential to grow, learn everything you can about it to verify your assumptions. Get familiar with the service, the competition, and the industry at large. Sure, it can take some time to learn about niche products like a glass bottom culture dish, or a mobile-phone tracking app, but doing so will give you a good idea if an investment is worth the trouble.