4 Natural Energy Boosting Tips for All Millennials

Energy boosting tips

Is it just 2 in the afternoon when your eyelids have already become heavy? Then what happens? Your head starts to bob as you try to sit through a meeting. The to-do list of an entrepreneur never gets done, and after your lunch, it is as though someone has slipped in some sort of a pill into your food, and you just can’t gather energy to complete your work. And what can a sleepy, but busy man do in these situations? – the answer is caffeine, Red Bull or Coffee.

Instead of opting for so many processed drinks, entrepreneurs, in fact all young millennials should adopt some measures to improve their natural energy levels. So, whether you need to sit through the entire night to finish a report or whether you are simply struggling with a packed schedule that does not give you minute, even to breathe, here are some tips that can act as natural energy boosters. Read along and relieve your stress:

(1) Chia Seeds are well known for being an excellent energy booster and also with additional digestive benefits. These seeds are originally grown in Mexico, and they are known to carry very high levels of omega-3s, proteins, fiber and antioxidants. Health experts all over the world are gaga over these Mexican seeds. There are plenty of recipes available on the great Internet that will help you incorporate Chia Seeds in your diet.

(2) Keep yourself hydrated from time to time. People who are dehydrated often become tired and sleepy in the long run. Exhaustion is in fact one of the most basic results of dehydration. It is important to maintain the adequate of water levels of our body. To add an extra benefit of detoxification, you could add some drops of lemon to your glass of water.

(3) Daily exercise is a must. Wake up early in the morning and go for a run, do some pushups, break a sweat. You’ll be surprised to see how energetic you feel. When your body is in motion, it sends some extra blood and nutrients to the cells, which help the body to operate in more efficient manner.

(4) Tap into Adaptogenic herbs – these plants have medicinal properties like heeling the human body of anxiety, stress and fatigue. These herbs regulate the adrenal system of the body and thus acts as a defense against stress.

How Does a Medical Exam Affect Your Life Insurance Quote?

Medical recordHas your life insurer asked you to have a medical exam? Being checked out by a doctor is a common prerequisite to buying a policy, and how you do on the exam can impact your rates dramatically. Your insurer will place you in one of four categories, depending on your medical exam results: Standard, select, preferred, or the coveted preferred plus designation. Each step up the ladder of perceived health can save you 20 percent on your monthly premium, so you should take the exam seriously and prepare yourself well.

The typical insurance health exam will include measuring your blood pressure, glucose levels, and BMI. If you’re more than 55 years old, you might need to take an EKG as well. How can you prepare for this exam? Avoid caffeine and other stimulants that might increase your heart rate. Women who have borderline BMI ratings might do well to schedule the exam during the pre-ovulation half of their menstrual cycle when they’re less likely to be bloated. If you’re a tobacco user, the sooner you quit the better — smokers are not eligible at all for the lowest rate category.

Would you like to learn more about the life insurance medical exam and how it affects your quote? The experts at HealthIQ.com have put together a handy quiz to help you quickly assess your understanding and fill in any gaps in your knowledge. Give it a try if you’re preparing to buy life insurance and think you might be facing a medical exam.

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