Best Comenity Bank Credit Cards for 2019

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You must be wondering who is Comenity Bank and why does your credit card has their logo on it? Comenity provides credit cards to thousands of retail stores all over America. They manage your bills and payments. So, you may also see the name of your favorite retail store on the credit card but it is actually managed by Comenity Bank.

Here are the best Comenity bank credit cards for 2019.

1) Orbitz Rewards Card

Orbitz Rewards Card is issued to the members of their rewards program. Orbitz offers you immediate cash back on all the purchases you make while traveling. They provide handsome rewards every time you book a hotel, packages, or flights. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for a particular date to get rewarded, you get them instantly in your account.

You also don’t have to collect points to claim your reward. Orbitz does not have a points system. Also, unlike other popular rewards programs, there are no blackout dates. This way you can use the rewards to pay for your basic expenses like food, drinks, etc. Orbitz also pays you for sharing the program with other people. This is why it on my list of best Comenity bank credit cards for 2019.

2) Farmers Insurance Visa Card

Farmers Insurance Visa Card is another comenity bank credit card which rewards triple points on the purchase of gas, home improvement, and Farmers Insurance product. In addition, it provides one point for each dollar spent on other products.

It is easy to apply for people who already are a member of other programs by Farmers Insurance. Moreover, they don’t charge an annual percentage rate (APR) on your purchases in the first year after registration. From the second year, the APR comes in between 15.49% to 22.49%. Also, your points have no expiration date, so you don’t have rush into buying things that you don’t need.

3) Bed Bath & Beyond MasterCard

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. is an American retail store chain. They specialize in products used in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. It is also one of the Fortune 500 company.

For their customers, they provide a Comenity bank credit card known as Bed Bath & Beyond MasterCard. It’s very easy to become a member and once you get your card, you will be getting 5 percent of your money back on every dollar you spend either at Bed Bath & Beyond or their other stores. Likewise, you get handsome rewards on buying groceries and gas.


These are the cards that I have used personally and I have chosen to use them based on my own needs. If you prefer to shop at a particular retail store, please don’t hesitate to ask them for a Comenity bank credit card.

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