Ubanker: Review of the Online Forex Broker

ubanker forex trading platformUbanker is a new and promising Forex trading platform open to just about everyone. Their tagline is “trade like bankers do.” Unlike most Forex trading sites, Ubanker is being billed as an easy-to-use platform for users are not awfully experienced in currency trading. This review will examine what Ubanker is, the services provided, and who might be able to benefit from the platform.

Ubanker At-a-Glance

Ubanker facilitates currency trading around the world for independent traders with a computer and an internet connection. Ubanker operates in a small corner of a massive currency trading market. People with at least some experience in trading will know that the Forex market can be incredibly complex to navigate, especially if the trader is either new or independent. Ubanker contacts Forex traders on behalf of the customers, so customers can proceed with making a trade easily.

There are many Forex trading platforms out there. Ubanker stands out for its simplicity. A potential trader can open an Ubanker account with as little as $200 and proceed to make trades. The site makes state-of-the-art financial instruments available to all traders. All traders are backed by leading banks, financial firms, or investment companies located around the world. Independent traders can immensely benefit from this significant network. Customers can trade a variety of assets as well, including currency, commodities, indices, and shares.

Ubanker actually has two trading platforms: mobile profit and web profit. You can trade online using a computer, or on the go using a smartphone or a tablet with the Ubanker mobile client. While it’s standard these days for online Forex brokers to offer mobile versions of trading platforms, Ubanker’s mobile client stands out for its speed and reliability.

Ubanker has an interesting motto as well:“Take control of your finances. Learn to invest like bankers do.” This motto is aimed directly at independent traders, who do not want to feel bogged down by the overly complex systems at traditional trading platforms and banks. It’s clearly designed for new traders with little experience in the currency market. It is definitely this group that will mostly reap rewards from Ubanker. Experienced traders can also try the platform. However, some of the features intended for new traders may seem redundant.

Services and Features

Ubanker has a highly user-friendly website that is really a breeze to navigate through. Everything is easy to understand. It’s speedy and simple to open an account. Interested traders can open an account for free without credit card hassles. Here are several features that Ubanker offers that really stand out:

Live Chat Support

Independent traders will certainly appreciate the live chat support the website offers. Live chat is directly available from the website, even if you navigate away from the homepage. The chatbot provides detailed and informative answers to common questions. It’s a really neat tool to have at hand when you are new to the platform.

All-Day Customer Support

Interestingly enough, Ubanker offers 24/6 customer support in addition to the live chat. Customer support is available on all business days of the week and at all hours. That’s a major perk for traders who will be in different time zones. The customer support service option is highly useful when a trader has a query too complicated for the chatbot. Ubanker makes an entire team of customer service reps available for each trader. This team includes traditional support agents, as well as personal account managers and trainers. New traders will definitely appreciate the availability of account managers and trainers. It’s hard to find other Forex trading sites that offer this level of comprehensive customer support.

Investment Protection

Ubanker also offers a limited amount of protection for new traders. Namely, the site offers full protection for the first 15 trades a newcomer makes on the platform. The main reason Ubanker offers this unbelievable perk is to allow new customers to understand tools and services of the platform without risking any losses. If a new customer loses any money on any of the first 5 to 15 trades, Ubanker will issue full returns to the customer’s trading account. Customers that do make profits get to keep them. This is is one of the main reasons why Ubanker is highly recommended for new traders. Not only is Ubanker easy to use, new traders can also hone their craft without suffering any losses.

Additional Support for Inexperienced Traders

Ubanker offers support and tools, especially for inexperienced users. Potential traders do not need to have sophisticated financial knowledge to start trading. The platform still makes powerful Forext tools available. But new users can turn a profit without knowing how to use these tools right away.

Personal Account Manager

Ubanker incredibly offers a personal account manager for each new account. The personal account manager provides support and assistance for independent traders to set up an account and maintain it. Also, inexperienced users can rely on the account managers to learn about how to trade on the platform and how to use the various financial tools made available. Not only do the account managers provide customer support, they also keep traders updated on the latest news and trends in the Forex market. And this service is included in all accounts. Customers don’t even have to pay extra for the account manager.

Safety and Regulations

Safety, privacy and online protection are incredibly important to modern online Forex trading. Ubanker takes all three seriously. The broker explicitly states the types of protection the platform offers to all clients. Ubanker has reasonable trading and market conditions that prioritizes client protection. For example, Ubanker automatically closes all trading positions if a customer’s account balance reaches zero. This practice, known as margin liquidation,protects customers from trading with a negative balance.

Ubanker operates without a slippage policy, so all spot trades are made at the quote the client provides during regular sessions. However, when the markets become volatile, Ubanker offers fixed spreads for buys and sells. Ubanker also offers safe payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. All transactions are secured with the highest available standards.

The platform offers eTrust privacy protection for all customer data. All data transactions are encrypted as well.


Is using Ubanker actually worth it? It very much is if you are an independent Forex trader, or at least hopes to be one. The platform is speedy, versatile, and is designed for newcomers. Perks like personal account managers are hard to pass by. The platform allows traders to start bidding with as low as $200, which is great for low rollers. Ubanker’s client protection efforts are admirable as well. It’s a safe and user-friendly trading platform that is worth checking out.

Here’s Why You’re Hearing More About Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin InvestmentFor several years, Bitcoin was a topic on the fringes of tech and finance discussions. It was a cool idea – a decentralized digital currency that exists entirely online – but not exactly a game changer by most estimations. Early predictions that Bitcoin would supplant ordinary currency still seem entirely overblown, and you still don’t come across many opportunities to use digital currency as you go about your day-to-day life.

Even so, however, 2017 has seen a significant uptick in the amount of discussion revolving around the digital currency. In particular, we’re beginning to see quite a bit of talk about Bitcoin as an investment (rather than a currency).

Here’s why.

First and perhaps most importantly, people have been told that Bitcoin is meant for investment rather than spending. It was late in 2015, actually, that the idea that Bitcoin is officially a commodity took hold thanks to a designation by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. As far as the average consumer is concerned, this designation had little practical impact. But it spawned a lot of headlines and more or less opened the floodgates to consideration of Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) as commodities or investment assets rather than as currency alternatives.

Somewhat counter to the thinking of Bitcoin as a commodity, however, we’ve also seen usage expand to some extent. Most notably, Japan has become a major player in the Bitcoin market where it previously had some restrictions on cryptocurrency. But even in smaller arenas there has been significant growth. Internet gaming, for instance, has gotten on board, potentially roping in millions of online Bitcoin users. NetBet has been cited as starting a payment revolution by allowing Bitcoin deposits for its casino games online. These kinds of developments simply provide people more opportunities to use Bitcoin – which increases demand, which in turn is good for investors.

Supporting that idea of increased demand is the fact that we’ve also seen Bitcoin’s price balloon in a major way throughout the year. Topping $4,000 at times (after starting the year right around $1,000), Bitcoin was actually the top performing cryptocurrency over a recent time span. That’s fairly significant given that some believed Altcoins, which operate at smaller values, had more room to grow after Bitcoin initially surged ahead. This indicates that whether for use or investment, Bitcoin is being valued very highly in the market. And that certainly catches the eye of those who are considering investment in the future.

And then of course there’s general familiarity, which is probably playing a role as well. For the most part, it’s changed perspective, increasing usage opportunity, and soaring prices that are making Bitcoin a hotter topic in investing. But it may also be that people are simply getting more used to the cryptocurrency sticking around, and beginning to seriously consider what, if anything, to do with it.