5 Ways to Supplement Your Income from Home in 2019

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If you’re looking to supplement your income by working from home, now is a better time than ever to get started. A recent survey conducted by FlexJobs found that 22% more freelancers found work online between 2014 and 2018. The number of freelancers who earned more than $75,000 per year increased 15% in the same period.

Making money online doesn’t require a significant investment of time, an esteemed education or a specific skill set – especially considering the wide range of opportunities that are only growing by the day. Think about what a few extra dollars could do for you, or what a few hundred or few thousand dollars could do?

You’ll have more money to pay off debts, to put towards luxuries such as your hobbies or a vacation, retire earlier, invest in bigger plans… the list goes on. The potential here is truly limitless. To help you get started on the right foot, here are five ways to supplement your income from home in 2019. 


Filling out surveys is perhaps the most simple and easiest way that anyone can earn money online. Sure, it won’t make you rich, but an extra $20 here and there isn’t bad in exchange for a few minutes of your time. There are countless survey websites to choose from, and signing up is completely free. 

Some popular choices include Swagbucks, Pinecone Research, American Consumer Opinion and Harris Poll Online, but there are many more. A good approach here would be to create another email address and use it to sign up on as many websites as possible. This way, you’ll have a steady stream of incoming surveys – without spamming your personal inbox.


If you have an interest in business and the economy, trading may be a considerable side-income that could turn into something much bigger as you gain experience. Of course, whether it’s stocks, forex or crypto, there’s a lot to learn here, and you’ll inevitably have to spend some time with your head in the books before you make any real money. 

Starting with a well-documented, beginner-friendly method such as copy trading would be your best bet. This method is perfect for beginners, as it involves automatically copying trades performed by more experienced traders. You can head over to InvestinGoal for a comprehensive overview of trading strategies, including how to use ZuluTrade as a cross-broker platform, and they also provide advice for beginners. 


There are a variety of paths you can take as a writer online. You could start a blog and write your own content, profiting from affiliate commissions and ad placements. Alternatively, you could set up a profile on freelancer websites such as Upwork and become a content writer, putting together web content for other blogs.

If that’s not your cup of tea, you could start writing eBooks and sell them on your own website or marketplaces such as Amazon. Perhaps writing fan fiction or short stories for users on forums such as Reddit in exchange for some cash is more your type of thing. The sky’s the limit here, so don’t hesitate to get creative!


If you have a good grasp of English and a passion for passing on knowledge, online tutoring is well worth considering. More often than not, you don’t need a certificate or teaching degree to get started. Most websites ask for an English as a Second Language certification at most, which can easily be obtained online. 

Schedules are flexible, which means you can do it after work or on weekends. As for earnings, you can expect an average of between $20 and $30 per hour, but this can increase as you build a portfolio and find better websites. Education First and VIPKID are popular companies in the English tutoring space, but there are many more. 


As the emphasis on developing more mediums to share content with audiences on the internet grows, the demand for transcriptionists has steadily increased. The premise is simple: you’re given an audio or video file to listen to, and your job is to type out what is spoken into a certain format. 

It’s worth noting that due to the strict formatting requirements that most transcription websites have, there’s a bit of a learning curve and your hourly earnings won’t be spectacular from the get-go. But if you manage to get the hang of it quickly enough, transcription could make for a decent and fun side-income.


These are just some of the countless ways that you can earn money online in 2019. Alternatives include starting your own website, becoming a digital marketer, being a virtual assistant, a bookkeeper, website tester or even a combination of one or more of those jobs. In fact, this list can, quite frankly, go on forever.

Just about every opportunity is flexible enough that you can try more than one thing at the same time. And if you don’t like it, there are plenty more around the corner.

3 Ways to Invest in your Financial Future


There comes a time when all of us start to think about the future, and a big part of that involves our finances. While most of us will be enrolled in a company pension scheme of some sort, it’s always a good idea to consider ways to generate an additional income on top of this fund to help with retirement. There are a number of ways you can do this, and some of which take more dedication than others. If you’re keen to start planning towards a strong financial future, here are three different methods to help put your mind at rest.

With property

Property investment is one of the most popular ways to invest. Unlike stocks and shares, buy to let is often considered more effective due to offering multiple types of returns through both rental income and capital appreciation. Those who invest in a buy to let property can build an attractive pension fund to help them in the future, thanks to the extra income they generate. Then, when they’re ready to sell the property later in life, they can benefit from having a large sum of money added to their retirement fund.

If you do think property investment is the best solution for you, it’s important to take all the right steps. This includes researching the best locations, looking for properties with the highest yields, and being as knowledgable as possible about the property market. Seek out a trusted property company to work with to make sure you’re in good hands. RW Invest, based in Liverpool and London, is one of the UK’s most popular property investment companies, offering a range of lucrative opportunities. 

With micro-investing

So you want to invest, but you’re not quite at the stage in your life where significant commitments like property are an option? Micro-investing is a trend that’s been growing in popularity over recent years and involves using a smartphone app to make investing easier. Examples of this include the Moneybox app, in which users are able to ‘invest spare change’ every time they make a purchase. For instance, if you bought a coffee which was priced at £2.50, the app would round up your purchase to the nearest pound and then save the extra. This extra money you accumulate is then invested into tracker funds, determined by the level of risk the user chooses to work with.  While this method may take a little longer to make a substantial amount, it’s a good way to get started with investing and generate some extra cash to help you in the future. 

With an ISA

An ISA is a savings account that allows users to generate interest on the money they save. The government adds tax-free interest onto the funds added to an ISA, which is why they make a good option for anyone thinking about ways to save for their financial future. One of the most popular ISA’s for this purpose is a Lifetime ISA, in which you can save away a maximum of £4,000 a year until you’re fifty, and receive interest returns of up to £1,000 a year.