What is the Most Effective Yet Cheapest Tool for Marketing Small Businesses

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This post is aimed at empowering you to apply a set of free small business marketing ideas without breaking the bank.  

It is a very good thing to have an attractive product or service, but it will never be enough to make your business more sellable unless your potential customers get to know about it. 

That is precisely where small business marketing comes in. Having said that, small business marketing is not an extremely tough thing to do. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. But neither is there a magical marketing wand that you could wave to accomplish instantaneous marketing success or one-size-fits-all solution. 

Unfortunately, it is the most important challenge facing small business owners. And to make things worse, marketing success is not guaranteed. 

Every business is different and every customer is different, so figuring out which method or idea is going to turn it around for each company is anything but impossible. Regardless of the business, you are in, you need radical marketing strategies to take home a bigger pie of the market share. 

If you are competing with bigger brands in the race to get noticed, you need to think of resourceful marketing ideas such as word of mouth marketing that can help you make a huge impact on a shoestring budget. Your employees are a big asset. Happy employees who rejoice in what their company has to offer and take pride in it are a good sign for potential customers. They bring in more business.

For small business owners, who are prepared to (get their hands dirty) build and maintain a solid platform for marketing, there is an impressive collection of free creative marketing ideas, tips, and tricks to help you achieve long-term success in your marketing efforts. 

There are a lot of channels that don’t even require you to go the extra mile to build a following that can turn into profit. You can use social media to build a personal brand if you don’t even have the resources to use social media to your business’ benefit. You don’t need a lot. Share things about your life, about what you do with the people online. Talk about your brand or business, but don’t push it.

This helps you make a genuine relationship with people and they are happy to turn into customers. When the customer trusts you and your product or service, then the customer is a loyal customer. And one loyal customer is worth 10 undecided ones because when your competition bangs on your door, this one person is going to stay while others leave.

Final Thoughts

People are the most effective yet the cheapest source of marketing you can get. You have to learn to use it to your benefit. Making connections is the first and foremost, business comes second.

Why is Investing in Yourself so Underrated?


When we start earning, we buy things that we have always wanted. Rightly so, you have earned the money, so you have earned the right to spend it. But, while buying all the things we have ever wanted, we just get ourselves momentary happiness… most of the time, at least.

Like it is important and symbolic for us to buy things we have always wanted, it is as important to spend money on things that we have always wanted to learn too.

One of the things that I recently bought was a guitar. I have always wanted to learn drums actually, but I never got to get drum lessons no matter how strong my case was for learning it. That disappointment of not getting an opportunity to learn something that I craved so much stayed on. 

One day I was on Amazon looking for a gift for a friend. I came across a lightning deal for a guitar which seemed really cheap. I considered buying it. I told my friend about it, who then enquired in a guitar shop close to his place.

The person there told us about how harmful cheap guitars can be for beginners because they get used to the sounds not sounding right, and it is important to learn the actual sounds in the beginning. I knew if I didn’t buy a guitar right then, then I was going to hesitate later.

I got changed, took the train to my friend’s place, and spent a couple of thousands on this guitar in the picture. The picture is from when we bought the guitar back home from the shop.

There are times when the last thing you want to do is spend any more money on things that can easily be put off. And spending money on ourselves is one of the expense areas that is ditched first whenever we tighten the ropes on our budgets.

Budgeting should include things that are truly dispensable, like if you’ve gone through your entire clothing budget for this month, then you shouldn’t buy another pair of shoes just because they’re on sale. However, if an opportunity comes up that will benefit you in the long-term, then it may be worth the investment – YOU are always worth the investment. 

Take for instance, if your job gives you an opportunity to take on some training for an upcoming promotion, but it means traveling out of town, it makes sense to take out a cash loan now, so you can reap the rewards in the long term. 

One of the key questions you should ponder over when spending money is how it benefits you, not only money-wise but in all areas of life. Whenever you need to decide whether you should spend money, ask yourself how it’s going to benefit you in the future. It will make the decision easier for you.

The main element you need to keep growing is to keep learning. The more you learn, the more you grow. Learning shouldn’t be based only on how the knowledge or skill will help you professionally, but something that can help you personally holds the same amount of importance.

We often are so busy adding on to our skillsets in our CVs that we forget to learn and live outside the two-page description of our worthiness. Instead of writing “Reading, Listening to music, or a general thing,” you could actually write about your hobbies that you spend ACTUAL time, ACTUAL money, and ACTUAL energy on.

Knowing things helps us connect with like-minded people. Making connections and socializing becomes easier if you have various interests to talk about. That being said, taking on things just because people seem to be doing it or it is the new hip thing isn’t right either. Invest only in things that genuinely tickle your fancy. 

Final Thoughts

Investing in yourself will take you a long way without stressing about how to make the journey. Don’t hesitate to shell out money for things that make you happy or help you learn new things. The point of earning is to make our lives better, and that means improving the quality of living rather than having a ton of expensive things. The experience stays, expenses vanish.