Sproutt Life Insurance Review- Is It Worth It?

Choosing a term life insurance policy can be challenging. Especially, when you are making a decision based on some information you’re collected from a friend, co-worker or relative. Also, in today’s internet era, most people do not trust financial advisors. 

Financial advisors have ties ups with insurance companies and they are more likely to suggest a policy that makes them the most money. Very little attention is given to your individual needs. 

In such a dire situation, it is best to go to a tried and trusted online service which presents all the information related to term life insurance to you. You are the one making the decision, not anyone else. 

About the Sproutt 

Sproutt is a Fintech firm based in New England, United States. It is one of the rare and upcoming companies that use Artificial Intelligence to help people find the best insurance policy for them and their families. Sproutt was founded in the year 2018 by Assaf Henkin, Itai Brickner, and Yoav Shaham. Their motto is to reward people with the best life insurance policy so they can live a happy and peaceful life.

How Does Sproutt Life Insurance Work?

So, how do you get started with Sproutt? Do you have to pay an additional fee in advance? The whole concept is based on a metric to measure the quality of your life. This metric is known as the Quality of Life Index (QL Index). Artificial Intelligence takes five parameters from you to accurately determine your OL Index. 

These are the five parameters:

1) Movement

2) Sleep

3) Emotional Health

4) Nutrition

5) Work-Life Balance

To know your QL Index you have to answer a few simple questions. These questions will normally be based on your lifestyle, habits, relationship status, career, health, etc. Next, the Artificial Intelligence-based software will determine the QL Index based on the answers you provide. 

By the way, it is not a great idea to provide dishonest answers as you are the one who will suffer in the end. Plus, the information you provide is not shared with anyone, even the team at Sproutt will not have access to them.

Further, you can use the QL Index to browse through various Term Life Insurance policies with great rates. The software also offers you some great advice based on your QL Index. You don’t have to pay anything to Sproutt. The insurance company will compensate them.

What I Like About Sproutt Life Insurance

Sproutt has solved a major problem most insurance seekers used to face a few years ago. The application process for insurance used to be tedious and slow. Sproutt, with its Artificial Intelligence-based software, has made the application process easy as a pie. In five simple steps, you can get the verification, medical checks and payments done.

What I Don’t Like About Sproutt Life Insurance

The customer service can be improved. They should call and notify the customer via email about the verification status of the policy. Sometimes, their financial advisors do not answer all of your queries.

My Recommendation

Picking the right insurance policy is not easy. In particular, when your requirements are very distinct and narrow. Sproutt exposes you to a large network of insurance providers. That too without charging you any money. Hence, I recommend Sproutt Life Insurance to anyone who has a busy life and does not have ample time to manage their finances–the traditional way.

How to Earn Free Google Play Credits

Did you know that you can purchase cell-phone service plans and pay your cable using Google Play Credits?

Google Play Credit is the amount that gets deposited into your Google Play account after you add money. You can add money to your Google Play account via a credit card or a debit card. Usually, people use Google Play Credits to make in-app purchases or upgrade to the pro-version of an app. In this post, I am going to share with you ways to earn free Google Credits.

Here Are Some Easy Ways to Earn Free Google Play Credits

1) S’more

S’more is an Android app that pays you to perform easy tasks like filling up survey forms. Primarily, this is a lock screen rewards app. If you are not willing to fill up forms and give your opinions about several products and services, you can simply let this app display adds on your lock screen. Once you earn enough points, you can redeem and get paid.

2) GrabPoints

GrabPoints has great reviews. It is one of the highest-rated rewards websites. However, there is no mobile app. You have to use the web version on your phone. Begin by signing up for free. Then spend 30-minutes to an hour per day to fill up survey forms, watch videos, complete offers and download the recommended apps. You can redeem the rewards via Google Play Credits or PayPal.

3) Bananatic

Bananatic pays you in form of Google Credits in exchange for reward points known as Bananas. You can earn Bananas by playing games, sharing content on social media, testing mobile apps, watching videos online and much more. Before playing a game, the app lets you know the number of Bananas you can earn from it. So, you know not to waste your time playing games with less return on investment. You can earn up to 3000 Bananas by finishing games like War Thunder.

4) Google Opinion Rewards 

Google Opinion Rewards is Google’s very own rewards app. It is now available in 22 countries (including places like India, Singapore, and Turkey). This app does ask for your personal information. Based on your profile, they will send you a questionnaire. 

Each survey can help you earn half a dollar. The amount depends on the country you reside in. Sometimes they also ask you for your opinion about things like logos, websites, articles, font style, etc. Certainly, this information is asked by various companies who want to know what you think about their public profile.

5) MistPlay

MistPlay is for avid gamers who wish to earn a few bucks for their efforts. It doesn’t offer any other ways to earn money. No need to fill up survey forms or watch videos. You get to do what you love the most. To get started, download the app on your Android phone (the iOS app is still in the beta phase, although you can join the waitlist). Choose a game and begin playing online.

How to Redeem My Google Play Credits?

To redeem your credits today, simply tap-open the Google Play Store app. Log in with your Gmail account and tap the Menu (located at the top-left corner, three dashes). Tap on Redeem and then enter your gift card code that the above-mentioned websites offered you as compensation. Done, now you can use the credits any time you want.