8 Ways to Save on Pet Costs

animal-portrait-234836_640Just about everyone loves the idea of coming home to a cuddly, furry friend who will greet you with gladness when you walk through the door from work or school each day.

After all, pets can add a lot of value to your life by reducing stress levels and loneliness as well as increasing your activity levels through playing with them or walking them. If you are currently petless and thinking about getting a pet, you probably already know there are several things you should consider before you take one home.

Although the cost of pet ownership is very likely one of the concerns on your list, there are 8 ways to save on pet costs that can help.

1 Choose Your Pet Carefully

Believe it or not, it’s important to make sure you choose the right pet if you are trying to keep costs down. Just like humans, some pets require medications or additional time and attention that could cost you time away from work and lighten your wallet in the process.

2 Adopt

Pet adoption doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t pay anything for your pet, but it can still save you from having to buy from a breeder. Shelters routinely require vaccinations to be up to date as well as neutering and spaying before you can take your new pet home because after all, responsible pet ownership is also important.

3 Exercise

Another way pets and humans are similar is that we both need exercise to stay healthy. Whenever you have an opportunity, play with your furry friend or go for a walk. Doing so can make you both healthier and may help you to save on medical bills for both of you and vet bills for your pet.

4 Nutrition

Nutrition is another way you can save money and still own a pet. For instance, if you are considering becoming a dog owner, you should check out Advance dog food for savings on food as well as other pet needs.

5 Medication

Some pets require medications that can become quite costly, such as insulin for a diabetic dog or cat. In addition, certain breeds of pets are more prone to health issues that could cost you hundreds or even thousands. One of the ways you can try to save is to thoroughly research the breed of animal you are looking at before you bring it home. Another is to look for coupons on-line, in magazines, and even on e-bay.

6 Spay or Neuter

Spaying or neutering your animal is not only the responsible thing to do if you don’t want to add to your population of pets, it’s also cheaper.

7 Limit Accessories

You don’t have to buy your pet every single gadget, toy or cute thing you see. What most pets need more of is love and attention. Only a few basic toys are required and limiting them will save you money, so be selective.

8 Limit Boarding

Barter Pet Sitting with friends and relatives instead of boarding your pet each time you are away. This will not only save you money, but your family and friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness in returning the favor.

Pets can be expensive if you let your spending get out of control. However, paying attention to these 8 ways to save on pet costs can help you keep more money in your pocket while still enjoying the full benefits of pet ownership.

What other ways can you think of to save on pet costs?

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