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There has been a lot of buzz lately about robo-advisors and what advantages and options they can offer their end users. But there are drawbacks to eliminating the human factor in investing. For example, how can you be sure a company is trustworthy when all of your business is conducted over the internet? In addition, when you have more control over your investing, how do you know you are making good investing choices?

How They Work

70trades is all about making trading easy for the inexperienced end user and many of their reviews agree that they are doing just that. However, in addition, they are also making strides at educating beginning investors to help them have a greater understanding of trading. Their efforts have led them to discover that it takes around 70 trades to gain a better understanding of how trading works and become a more experienced trader. Along the way they hope to help their traders keep their money rather than lose it due to a lack of knowledge in trading.

Traditionally, robo-advisors ask financial questions of their clients to help them build their portfolios. 70trades takes this a step further by helping their traders to refine their portfolios so they can get the most from their investments.

They Make Trading Easy

Not only is it easy to reach 70trades, they also offer 24/7 multilingual support to their users. Withdrawals are easy and traders have complete access and control over their accounts. They also offer one click trading to keep it simple and easy to use them for your trading needs.


Of course there are always risks with trading. 70trades offers some protections for their traders to ease fears and keep traders from losing everything they have invested. One of the ways they keep their client’s money safe is through the partnerships they have with several banks.


Online trading courses, one on one coaching, and training sessions for the different experience levels for their users are some of the ways 70trades educates their clients. They also offer webinars with other investors from across the globe that can provide support to their users.

They Meet Your Needs

70trades assistance doesn’t stop once a user goes from being new and inexperienced to advanced or professional. They have professional training courses as well as investor’s guides to assist those who already have some investment knowledge and experience. This can help those traders take it to the next level in their investing even with higher risks.

They Are a Good Choice

With so many different companies competing for your business it can be difficult to determine which company is a good choice for you to invest with. Although there are some shady brokers out there, 70trades is not a scam. There are already plenty of reviews from users as well as other reliable sources that indicate 70trades is a company that is here to stay. In addition, from all appearances, it looks like we may be hearing more about them in the future.

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10 thoughts on “70 Trades Review

  1. Thanks for this review. It was very informative. You could have elaborated more on the downsides though. But I still might check this out.

  2. As someone who is totally new to trading, 70 Trades fascinate me. It beats reading blog posts (some of which are just unreliable). This might be worth it after all.

  3. Interesting. Robo trading advisors are much cheaper than hiring actual human ones. They are much faster too. But I wonder what would happen if the trader has an unusual request so I think is better to use broker like 70 Trades.

  4. I once used 70 Trades to make a trade. But I’ve never used for a really big investment. You know in case the trade fail?

  5. This review should provide more information about the company. The lowdown on the services is not bad. It would be helpful to have some background on the company too.

  6. This is the first I’m hearing of “robo” financial advisors. That sounds crazy! Well I personally would prefer to deal with algorithms than annoyed customer reps so this is a welcome development.

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