7 Mistakes You are Making While Designing Your “About Us” Page

About us pageEspecially for new businesses and startup firms, the “About Us” page is very important, as this introduces your audience and customers to your business, what exactly it is that you provide. The “About Us” page is very crucial in building trust and rapport with the customers. Conveying your business to them in such a way that it actually increases conversions is the main goal. So, what are the mistakes that you are making while deigning your “About Us” page? Let’s find out:

(1) Instead of telling your business story in a short, interesting brief, you end up boasting blatantly about your accomplishments, to a point where the audience gets all lost in your life story, and does not understand much about your actual business. You instead of beating around the bush, you need to include 5 major points in your story – Who founded your company, how was it started, what was the vision, what are your company’s core values, and what is your motivation?

(2) Your “About Us” gives a vague idea about your business, instead of clear picture of what makes you different from the other brands in the market. You need to accurately provide your customers with proper information about your products and services and why they should buy from you.

(3) You haven’t given your visitors a chance to follow up on you. You need to provide a provision for opt-in form or enroll them for email subscription to keep them engaged until they become loyal, paying customers.

(4) Writing a 1000 word text in plain Arial font without any diagrams, pictures and graphs can be quite boring. People prefer reading shorter, crisper paragraphs with appropriate bullet points. If the text is organized properly using videos and pictures, the customer may want to know more about your business.

(5) Usually your “About Us” page doesn’t direct to some other platform – maybe your Facebook page or YouTube channel or your blog.

(6) Not displaying testimonials from previous clients or videos from your most important members of your company – this is the kind of social proof that will give your viewers some credibility and it will help you to build trust more easily when you have verbal or written proof of people believing in your brand.

(7) Your “About Us” page is supposed to be brief, so don’t give out way too much information that can be mentioned elsewhere on your website. Keep it short, to a maximum of 500 words.

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