7 Hacks for Saving Money on Amazon

cup-2218405_640Do you like to shop online? I do, partly because I live in a rural area where many of the items I need and enjoy can’t be purchased without traveling several hundred miles to the city. I used to have to go to the city every couple of months to get what I needed. Now that I shop more online, however, I save time because I don’t have to take a whole day out for driving and frenzied shopping nearly as often.  In addition, I save money by shopping online from places like Amazon. Because I shop from Amazon fairly often, I have discovered 7 hacks for saving money on Amazon.

1. Shipping

If you are a frequent online shopper, Amazon Prime allows you free two day shipping. Yes, you have to pay the monthly membership fee of $10.99 per month, but it will pay for itself quickly if you shop online often. In fact, within only one or two purchases per month you will have made up for the membership fee.

2. Rewards

Did you know if you aren’t in a hurry to receive your order you could choose the No-Rush Shipping option and still get your items within 5 business days? Additionally, you may earn rewards that can be used toward future purchases enabling you to save money on items you plan to buy anyway.

3. Share with Friends to Earn Credit

If you like to use apps on your phone, download the Amazon.com app and you can earn credit towards purchases by sharing with a friend. Not only that, but your friend can earn a credit too.

4. Cash Back

Eligible Amazon Prime customers might qualify for 5% cash back rewards on the Amazon.com store card. There are other cards available as well to help you earn cash back or even gift cards toward more purchases.

5. Coupons

You can also save money by using coupons to buy Amazon products if you know where to look. There are lots of codes for coupons and deals that can save you money. Or, look on the Amazon web side and choose “Today’s Deals” to see the latest discounted items you could add to your shopping cart and purchase for less.

6. Sign-Up Discounts

Students can sign up for Prime Student for a 6 month trial period free. After six months, the monthly fee is 50% off the regular monthly charge. But Amazon doesn’t leave everyone else out when it comes to offering discounts. Anyone can sign up for a one-year membership of Amazon Prime for a fee of $99 saving them $33 over what they would pay over the same period if paying month by month. Also, Amazon Family members can save 20% on diapers and baby wipes in addition to free shipping on some orders.

7. Taxes

Some purchases on Amazon are not subject to taxes, although some are. If you shop carefully, you might be able to avoid paying sales tax on all or most of your purchases.

Online shopping has obviously become popular in part because of the convenience. But using these 7 hacks for saving money on Amazon you can save in your budget too.

What other hacks do you use to save money using Amazon?

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