5 Things to Make Your Bedroom Feel Luxurious

bed-890579_640Nothing says “relaxation” quite like a luxurious bedroom. Just the picture of soft, fluffy bed linens and pillows begs for you to sink into them and let all of your worries and concerns float away as you drift off to sleep. For many of us, we don’t put in the effort of making our bedrooms such havens of relaxation and luxury as we should. But there are 5 things to make your bedroom feel luxurious that you can change to help you get the rest and relaxation you need and deserve.

1 Bed Linens

We’ll start with bed sheets, since I already hinted at them earlier. As a general rule, “Egyptian cotton” sheets or “pima” sheets are terms to look for. It also helps to watch thread count because the higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the sheets and pillow cases. In addition, you should buy your bed linens from a quality manufacturer rather than some off brand you’ve never heard of. Good quality bed sheets can make a difference in the quality of rest and relaxation you get from your bed.

2 Beds

Let’s talk about beds since we’ve already talked about sheets. Starting with a good foundation for sleep is important. If your bed is wiggly and shaky, it might be time for a new one. While you are at it, why not consider a four poster bed to relax and slip off to dreamland in? Having a quality bed of good construction is important to making your bed feel luxurious and restful.

3 Pillows

Pillows can be tricky because each of us had our own likes and dislikes. For example, some people like their pillows to be extra firm while others prefer to sink into the softness of a quality down pillow. Still others like a long body pillow. Whatever your preference is, make sure you find the right pillows to give you the greatest amount of rest possible so you can be at your best each day.

4 Lighting

Nice soft lighting for your bedroom can help with the feeling of luxury you desire for relaxation. However, you might want to consider a pair of lamps for your nightstands that allow for 3-way bulbs. The advantage to having 3-way bulbs in your lamps is that you can relax and read under soft light if you choose to, but still turn them up when you need to see better.

5 Little Touches

Don’t ignore all of the other little things that speak of luxury in your bedroom, such as soft robes, hand creams and candles to set the mood when romance is in the air. Add a plant or some nice artwork to your walls and a soft rug or two. Copy what designers tell us and hang floor length curtains from rods mounted high and close to the ceiling to trick the eye into thinking the windows are larger than they actually are. Also, get organized. If you have any stacks of papers lying around or other items that don’t belong in the bedroom put them where they go and get them out of site.

Changing or updating these 5 things to make your bedroom feel luxurious can make a difference not only in the overall feel of your bedroom, but in the quality of rest and relaxation you get there.

What other things can you think of to do to make your bedroom feel more luxurious?

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