4 Trend of Recruitment to Look out for in 2018

Recruitment trendsTo be honest, the entire process of recruitment is a completely separate aspect of running a modern day business, and it is going through some massive evolutions to cope up with the digital transformations of this century. There was a time when a job applicant would manually submit his/her application at the office, and wait for days to receive a letter by post. These days, every piece of detail regarding the applicant is gathered almost instantly and collated and analyzed in an efficient manner.

So what is new for this year? Well, the artificial intelligence is. Here is a list of some trends that my shape up the employment procedure of all businesses in 2018. Let us have a look:

(1) Artificial Intelligence

The hottest thing in the technology sphere, artificial intelligence is taking the HR departments of all businesses by storm. There are available a wide range of artificial intelligence solutions for recruitments that are now available for the corporate boardrooms. AI reduces human bias, optimizes operations, minimizes any delays and provides with an analytical perspective of the candidates’ intelligence and emotional quotient that is required for the company.

(2) The System of Applying via Mobile

Smartphones are increasingly becoming the most used technological gadgets, and all HR departments all over the world are continuously finding ways to increase communications via mobile phones and engage the candidates in activities that can be carried out through phones. From video interviews to launching apps to detect any fraudulent information provided by the candidate, mobile recruitment is paving a new way into the corporate world and it is something to look out for.

(3) Micro-targeted jobs

These days, companies are coming up with even more diverse, specific job profiles which are different from the conventional job structures of the past decade. It is good to see that the HR departments all over the world are recognizing more and more different roles that are good combinations of the candidates’ capabilities, passions and requirements by the organization as well. Instead of having a stubborn set of quality requirements, technology based solutions are creating an ideal job portfolio that results in mutual benefits for both the company and the candidates.

(4) The economy dominated by Independent Professionals and Freelancers

Temporary posts are becoming more and more popular with the youth preferring to work with rather than work for. Even companies go for working with temporary professionals, who are hired to carry out specific jobs, instead of holding a permanent position in the industry.

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