3 Most Crucial Tips to Improve Your Brand Image

Business ideasEvery major brand has a distinct personality. The specific attributes the brands develop are actually earned through their marketing actions. Sensible branding involves efforts to constantly improve the attributes in order to attract the existing and potential customers. You would never confuse Microsoft with Apple, or Walmart for Nordstrom, even though these companies cater to similar customer needs. This is because they focus heavily on their brand images.

Here are 3 tips to help improve your brand image:

Know Thyself

If you want to enhance your brand image, you really need to spend some time understanding your starting position. Rather than being aspirational, you need to give your brand a long, hard look and be honest answering the following three questions:

  • Why do customers choose your brand? This is not why you would like to think they choose your brand but why DO they choose your brand.
  • What is your value proposition? These are the features which differentiate your brand from the competitors who are serving the same customers.
  • How will you alter your brand attributes if you were to serve your target market better? This involves knowing your market better by building relationships with the right customers.

The first Impression Usually Lasts Longer

While it is true what is on the inside counts more, people often make snap decisions about brands based on their first impression. If they like what they see, they will buy it. If their satisfaction exceeds the brand expectations, they will be delighted customers and most probably extend a positive word of mouth to friends and family. Therefore, it is imperative to carefully review all your potential customer’s touch points to ensure that they get a “brand-appropriate” first impression.

What impression will your potential customers take away from your brand when they first look at your product, stop by your trade show booth, visit your website, or connect with you on social media? If it is consistent with your brand promise, you have done your job successfully. If not, you need to review and alter the brand attributes accordingly. So if, for instance, you want to promote your brand through in-store sampling, you might want to consider giving away samples in flexible packaging as a promotional effort, while ensuring it is consistent with your overall strategic marketing plan.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is critical to building your brand and growing your business. Customers tend to build brand expectations based on the interactions they have with your company. Every single person in your company is a brand ambassador. It is important to set and enforce the right tone while letting everyone in your company know the kind of customer experience you intend to deliver. Therefore, delivering brand-consistent experiences to your customers across direct marketing efforts, social media, websites, and advertising programs becomes basis for your existing and potential customers to trust your brand. When the trust develops, they are more likely to recommend your brand to their friends, family and colleagues. This literally becomes the tone and personality your people and processes take when interacting with existing and potential customers anywhere along the line. This concept is known as brand continuity, which leads to long-term business success.

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