3 Hidden Costs of Pet Ownership

This week on the podcast, we discussed how you can save money on your furry friends.

We talked about lots of tips for saving on things like food, supplies, and more. But what we didn’t talk about are some of the things that people often forget about when they decide to get a pet.

Unfortunately, the cost of adopting or buying a pet is usually one of the cheapest things about owning a pet, but it’s the only thing that most people consider before taking a pet home. People often forget about all the other expenses of owning a pet.

The cost of owning a pet doesn’t just include the basics. There are actually some hidden and unexpected costs of pet ownership too.

Here are 3 hidden costs of pet ownership that we’ve each encountered.

We all love our pets, but there are a few hidden costs of pet ownership that you should be aware of before you adopt. Here are three we've encountered!

Emergency Vet Care

I’ve had to make emergency trips to the vet’s office more than once since owning pets. It seems that my dogs and cat never get sick or injured during regular office hours. Instead, they wait until right after the office closes for the day or until the weekend to need vet care. Larger cities may have vets that stay open late, or even clinics that are open on the weekends, but in my area these types of situations warrant extra charges from the ┬ávet.

It’s nice to know that I can call my vet anytime I need to, but it is significantly more expensive to see a vet after hours and on the weekends.


Special-Needs Toys / Changing the Environment

After our episode was recorded, I actually adopted a dog (this had been my plan for years, though!). What I wasn’t specifically planning for was adopting a “special-needs” dog…but I unexpectedly found an adorable blind pit-mix at the SPCA.

While he has adapted to the house very quickly, we wanted to make sure his quality of life didn’t suffer. He’s able to see shadows and does much better in daylight, so we ordered LED runners for the hallway, a remote and separate battery to power them, and nightlights, so he can navigate around easily at nighttime.

We had been planning on ordering a few new pieces to better organize the house as well, which freed up some space in the living room, bedroom, and back laundry room (where the back door to the yard is). He has less of a chance of bumping into something now, and we’ve “baby-proofed” as many sharp corners as we can.

On the docket is ordering a banana or something similar that says “I’m Blind” on it, so that when we take him for walks, people know to approach with caution so they don’t startle him.

Last, but not least, we also wanted to focus on toys that made noise so he’s able to track them down by listening to them.

As Kayla said, emergency vet care is even more important in my case, as my dog might get too excited and end up bumping into something, or worse, eat something he mistakes for food or a toy!


Property Damage

Everyone wants to think their pet will be a perfect angel. My cat is sweet, but she does get into mischief around the house every now and then. We live in an apartment and I figured there would be a pet deposit we’d have to pay in order to have a cat. I understand that this fee is to help cover any damage the animal may make to the property on accident.

We haven’t had our cat for long and while I’m sure our deposit is a nice safety cushion, it’s actually pretty low and doesn’t cover a lot of our personal belongings. Luckily, my cat hasn’t caused too much considerable damage in our home but I’m starting to notice little things like the way she climbs up the patio screen door and the blinds along with how she tore a hole in the box spring for my bed in order to make it into her own little hiding spot.

My furniture is pretty old, but if my cat happened to scratch up one of my couches, it could be costly to replace it with new furniture. Luckily, these are expenses you can prepare for by setting up a pet emergency fund even if you don’t know exactly what you’ll use it for in the future. You can also pet-proof your home to protect your belongings.



Have you experienced any of these unexpected expenses as a pet owner? Are there any expenses you’d like to avoid?

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