3 Good Cash Back Credit Cards That I Use

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Are you looking for a credit card to get cashback?

I am writing this post to share my experience with different credit card companies that promise cashback after using their card. Most of the credit card companies lure customers in using the cashback percentage value. And many prospects get attracted to such a lucrative offer. Who does want a cashback as high as 5-6 percent? This deal seems astounding to a regular credit card user who is currently getting 1-2 percent of his hard-earned money back.

Here are the 3 good cash back credit cards that I use.

1. Discover it® Cash Back

Most people rave about how good Chase and American Express credit cards are. But no really seems to give the credit that Discover it deserves. Maybe this is the reason they have come up with a credit card with a cashback of 5 percent. No other credit card offers such a high cashback.

You must already know that Discover it has been coming up with some amazing credit cards over the past 3-4 years but it’s time you should use it and reap the benefits that it has to offer.

Whether you are facing a billing problem or just want to know more about the products, Discover it’s customer service is best in the world. They will do everything to solve your problem.

Annual Fee: $0

Cashback: 5%

APR: 14.24% – 25.24%

Intro Bonus: Cashback Match

2. Chase Freedom Unlimited®

This credit card from Chase offers a 3 % cashback you in your first year up to $20,000 spent. The earlier version of this card had a 1.5x cashback but now Chase has doubled the sign-up bonus.

Chase Freedom Unlimited is for people who know that they will spend more than $5000 in the upcoming 12 months. Or else you are better off with the Chase Freedom card which requires you to spend just $500. There is a substantial reduction in spending value. So, students and people with low income will not benefit from the Chase Freedom Unlimited.

Annual Fee: $0

Cashback: 3%

APR: 17.24% – 25.99%

Intro Bonus: Double Cash Back

3. Bank of America® Cash Rewards

Bank of America offers $200 cash rewards bonus after spending $1000 in the first 90 days from the purchase date. Later you can expect a 3 percent cash back on purchases like gas, online shopping, dining, travel, drug stores, or home improvement/furnishings. 2% cash back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. 1 % on other purchases. This is one of the best credit cards Bank of America has to offer as you get rewarded on purchasing things that you buy in your day to day life.

Annual Fee: $0

Cashback: 3%

APR: 16.24% – 26.24%

Intro Bonus: $200


A cashback credit card is a must for anyone who has huge spending planned. It could be anything from renovating your house to going on a vacation with your family. The amount you earn with cashback will be adjusted in your monthly credit card bill. You can check the details in your monthly credit card statement.

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