10 Startups That’ll Change the Spread Betting Industry for the Better

In this article, we have singled out 10 startups that’ll change the spread betting industry for the better. We are not talking about the most established companies such as CMC Markets, InterTrader Direct, CityIndex, ETX Capital and Core Spreads but newly established and fast-growing startups.

  1. OANDA

OANDA goes up against the most established spread betting companies. Starting from September 1, 201, the company started offering spread betting to clients in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. They allow traders to trade on spread bets on its second generation platforms: fxTrade platform and MetaTrader 4 (MT4). The growth of OANDA has been based on providing the most competitive financial products and platforms for its clients no matter their geographical locations. The company revolutionized trading experience when they came up with the fxTrade Mobile platform; an award-winning platform that can be accessed using OANDA fxTrade app. Below is the image that shows how OANDA mobile trading platform looks like.

  1. Capital Index

Capital Index is another startup that will change the spread betting industry for the better. This company was founded in 2014 and they specialize in CFDs, Spread Betting and Spread Trading on a wide range of financial products including metals, indices, commodities and forex. The company is expected to change the spread betting industry because they have advanced technical infrastructure that provides an efficient and rapid online trading environment. The company also utilizes professionals with several years experience to offer in-depth advice about spread betting.

  1. PLUS500

PLUS500 is another kid on the block. The company was established in 2008 as a spread betting provider but since then it has grown to offer a wide range of services such as CFD trading in forex, commodities, indices and shares. The company has established its name in the spread betting and CFD industry because they don’t charge commissions on transactions. By maintaining a competitive spread, several customers are being attracted to this spread betting provider.

  1. InterTrader

InterTrader is a relatively new spread betting company which is also poised to change the spread betting industry. The company was started in 2010 in Britain but also operates in other European countries. Traders are free to use the company’s two white label platforms: InterTrader web-based platform and InterTrader Direct enhanced MT4 platform. The company also has dedicated apps for a range of devices including Android and iOS devices.

  1. Alpari

Alpari is relatively new to spread betting and CFD trading compared to other brokers that we have mentioned in this article. Despite this, the company is quickly becoming the spread betting provider of choice for many investors worldwide. Currently, the company has over 180k accounts including 60 offices in more than 20 countries. Alpari has started to change the spread betting industry because MT (Metatrader) trading platform; an award-winning platform very common among many retail investors. The company also have well-equipped learning and online educational center to help get all the information they need.

  1. AvaTrade

AvaTrade is establishing its name as one of the startups that will change the spread betting industry to the better. The company was established in 2006 as an online trading company but they did offer spread betting until recently. It caters to every type of trader by presenting a wide range of trading platforms for automatic as well as manual trading. Each platform provides both newbie and experienced traders with unmatched trading experience and a wide variety of financial instruments.

  1. Forex Capital Markets

FXCM is also expected to change the spread betting industry landscape for the better. The company is regulated by both the UK’s Financial Services Authority and the US’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The company is establishing its name as the leading provider of spread betting, CFD and forex trading platform. They utilize their own MetaTrader4; a user-friendly and customizable platform, and a downloadable Trading Station Desktop platform.

  1. Ayondo

Since it was established in 2008, Ayondo is slowly becoming a reputable spread betting trading platform. The company offers both spread betting and CFD trading platform. Eligible traders can trade in various financial products for capital gains with zero tax. The company utilizes TradeHub platform, a user-friendly platform with key features such as include intuitive margin calculation methods; ability to utilize all funds on deposit as margin; ability to force open trades; ability to trade CFDs in the underlying currency of the asset and much more.

  1. DF Markets

DF Markets offers traders with a wide range of markets to trade, including spread betting, equities, futures, gold, silver and forex. The company offers three platforms which include DFTrader, DFWebTrader, and DFMobileTrader, which according to many people has and will continue to change the spread betting industry for the better.

  1. GKFX

GKFX was founded in 2010 as a spread betting and CFD trading company. Spread betting with this brokerage company means you can also trade on the company’s award-winning MT4 trading platform. This platform features a wide range of financial tools including free online education packages, charts, graphs, up-to-date financial news and much more.

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