Complacency in Society Spells Danger in Retirement

sunset-1931666_640Whilst the survey could hardly be described as scientific, a recent report from one of the biggest money managers in the world, Blackrock, suggests that there is a fair level of complacency among people in US society about how well they are providing for their retirement.

There is a new president of course and a recent speech from Donald Trump resulted in a 1.4% rise in the S & P Index; the question on the lips of some commentators is whether there is any substance behind the rhetoric. Some of Trump’s critics and many objective analysts are suggesting that he appears to be thinking on his feet without necessarily being really knowledgeable on the subject he is talking about. Already some of his pronouncements have come under severe scrutiny and while a section of Americans have renewed optimism because Trump is such a contrast from the politicians that seemed to precede him, complacency in personal finance is extremely dangerous.


Finding Your Purpose and Using Your Gifts

How to find your purpose in life

Have you found your purpose in life? It can be difficult to figure out what your path is, but once you do, it can help you feel so much more fulfilled.

The truth is, none of the three of us have all the answers. We’re still working on using our gifts and figuring out our purposes too. Plus, your purpose might change over time, making it even more difficult to pursue.

This week on the podcast, we’re discussing things we are doing to try and figure out our purpose and what we think it might be at this point in our lives.

Read on to find out more about how to find your purpose.